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i need to know if my plant is male or female PLEASE HELP lots of pics

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by superstonerdude, Aug 1, 2010.


    superstonerdude Well-Known Member

    this is a sad day for me this is my first grow and i only had 2 plants one bag seed and one white widow clone im now almost positive my bag seed is male i went to check on them today and there are little clusters of balls at the nodes on the bag seed i saw this and got pissed and chopped the fucker down but now im kind of in denial and need to know if i made the right choice can someone PLEASE tell me if this plant is male or female i know its a little late if it is female but i need to know DSCF2932.jpg DSCF2931.jpg DSCF2940.jpg DSCF2938.jpg DSCF2933.jpg DSCF2939.jpg sorry my camera sucks its kind of hard to see but there were little clusters of balls and no hairs but they just popped up today is there any chance it was female and i made a mistake

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    looks male to me but the pictures are really blurry. Clusters of balls cannot be mistaken for anything else though. Sorry.

    superstonerdude Well-Known Member

    thanks NLXSK1 now can stop worrying about if i fucked up or not i just hope i get a ok yield off my white widow

    Snott Active Member

    looks very male to me

    BL0TT0 New Member

    Only females make hairs. If it's showing sex,and there are no hairs. . .it's a horny little dude. . .so don't worry you made the right choice.

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