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    Ok, so I have a few different problems that I need help with fixing. I just noticed that there are ants crawling around on my plants and I'm not sure how to get rid of them. I just sprayed them with neem oil about 4 days ago but then the ants showed up after I sprayed. I heard that sprinkling cinnamon around the base of my plant and around the container keeps them away, but would cinnamon harm my plant at all? The second problem I have are some spots that are on some of my leaves. I'm thinking that it might be calcium deficiency or pest damage or maybe even a ph problem but I'm not sure. The last problem that I have is these marks that I noticed on the stem of my plants. Is this normal as they get bigger or is this something that needs to be treated?

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    Are you sure they are ants? I have no experience with ants but they do sell ant traps at homedepot cheap.

    I would say there thrips by looking at picture 1 , but the other 2 looks like you dripped some water on the leaves and they simple got burnt.

    Thrips tend to not really be a major problem but I spray with bugbgone even if i dont see bugs (only in veg) just as preventative maintenance every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Make sure you spray with a wetting agent(dont buy it .....you can use a few drops of dish soap).

    Bugs can be a nightmare make sure you keep up with them and dont ever start flowering until there completely gone.

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    Bro, you need an ant eater................naw bro, call your hydro store and theyll give ya somthing to kill em.

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    ants usually eat other bugs and not cannabis so if you have them you most likely have a pest that is a food source for them

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