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I like these CFLs - quick review

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Pyewacket, Jul 20, 2013.


    Pyewacket Active Member

    Hello folks,

    I have a 3 shelf grow room. A seedling box up top, 4x100 CFLs, a veg shelf 8x200watt CFLs, and a 400W HPS for bloom. -- This allows a 4plant every 5week harvest -- way more than I need for sure.

    I grow Autos primarily with a photo tossed in when timing works. I just wanted to give a thumbs up to: Feit Electric 42-Watt (200W) Daylight Twist CFL Light Bulb

    As stated above, I am using 8(8X200watt, 6500k 23,000lumens) of these on my veg shelf in a homemade hood - with two as side lights. They were planted approx 3weeks ago...I had to replant one seed...and another I stunted a bit because I was too damn aggressive transplanting(split the root ball). I am happy with the growth so far, with the light penetration and overall construction quality. They are 8bucks each...not too bad. I use a small clip fan to blow the heat up and away...
    20130720_074102.jpg 20130720_074052.jpg

    computergroove Active Member

    Whats the yield on this ?

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