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I hope to be moving to Tac soon.

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by potpimp, Apr 27, 2016.


    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    Hey guys! I'm hoping to get a job I applied for in Tacoma. I should know something in less than a month. I can't friggin wait to get out there and enjoy some great weed. I haven't smoked in two years, since I left Alaska. I'm buying some med candy from a guy on CL; I know it's kinda sketchy but I *really* need some meds; I have a severe sleep disorder and it's killing me. If anyone that knows me (I've been a member here for over 10 years!) would like to help me out til I get out there that would be so greatly appreciated.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    If you were anywhere near me I'd hook you up free until you got on your feet.
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    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    Thanks brother; that means a lot to me. Money's not the issue; it's still illegal in my state and from what I've heard, what you can get is not even worth bothering with. I have a guy in WA that is sending me some special candy and some creme for the wife.
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