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hydroponic vs. aeroponic (whats the difference?)

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by barfanoogin, Jul 23, 2008.


    barfanoogin Active Member

    this is my first thread and I have this question, what is the difference between hydroponic and aeroponically grown bud? I know that the name comes from how it is grown, but what I really am wondering is if there is any difference in things like quality, THC level, PRICE!, etc.? Can you tell a difference and is "aeroponic-bud" considered "HYDRO"? If I am looking to spend money on a aeroponic system, I don't just want to end up with regular shit...
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    trucktatz Active Member

    The only difference in hydro and aero is this: Hydroponic growth is usually done on a flood and drain system (or ebb and flo), or if done outside, by a drip system. Typical procedure is that a table is flooded by a pump from the resivoire. The plants are in a net pot or rockwool cube and absorb the nutrients when this happens. Aeroponics on the other hand is somewhat different. Netted pots are suspended on the surface of the machine and beneath the lid the roots are exposed through the netting and a nutrient mist is applied via pump from the resivoir. The dif is the the name of the two and how the nutrient is applied. That's all it comes down to. The aeroponics may have a slight advantage because the roots are exposed to more oxygen witch may give a 10 - 12% increase yeild. The cheapest of the two is the one you build yourself. The internet is full of plans, video, diagrams, etc. You can build and Aero. or Hydro. system for a 1/3 of what you could order or buy one for.

    acidwarp Active Member

    could someone post a site for detailed instructions for both hydro, and aero? Like how to build, nutrients, everything a newbie in hydro/aero would need to know??? I've looked everywhere and cant seem to get detailed instructionthat goes throughout the WHOLE process

    Singularity Active Member

    "could someone post a site for detailed instructions for both hydro, and aero?"

    You're on it.

    fitzyno1 Well-Known Member


    LonghornFan Well-Known Member

    just read and read and read here and you will figure it out. Just like growing, nothing happens fast. Take your time and study before you start anything.

    potlike Well-Known Member

    First off you would be best suited to use the search button, but to get you started there are different forms of hydroponics- aero actually being one of them I will actually quote from another site. That I believe is a very basic description of each method and it is up to you to decide which one you wish to build.

    All of this said, I believe the best method is taking bits and pieces from several methods. I use soil for moms and aeroponics for my clones all the way through flowering. I suggest reading up on Al B Fuct's 2 week cycle threads for how to organize and plan your grows... then if interested in Aeroponics read some posts from Filthy Fletch how to design a simple aeroponics cloner and systems. Personally I have found Rubbermaid Roughneck storage totes to be an easy tote to build aero systems inexpensively, reliably(much less leaks) and they are very space efficient as well. About perfect for a 6 plant SOG grow through flowering per chamber.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me.


    duff420 Well-Known Member

    yo technincly isnt a wick a self watering pot? cause i saw some selfwatering pots at the store today so i bought a few lol, u fill the bottom chamber of the pot from the side with a wick commin up in the middle where the soil be at. good info. I think ima be building a areoponics system my next grow.

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