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Hydroponic Nutrient CF readings

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by mincepie, Sep 22, 2011.


    mincepie Member

    Hi all :)
    So I have done more than a few soil grows now, and Im going to give hydroponics a go. I have recently gone out and bought a nice easy kit ( http://sog.shopau.biz/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=8&products_id=364 )

    So planning ahead before i have even started my first grow, I am wanting to know a couple of things, for optimum conditions I have gone and bought a EC/CF meter. My problem is, Im unsure of what kind of reading I should be looking for on it for the veg and for the flower cycles? (well i have been advised on some, Im unsure whether the same readings apply to MJ):confused:

    Any help much appreciated
    Thanks happy growing :hug:

    StickyPistal Member

    Make up two separate small batches of both flowering and veg water/nutrient mixes, and make sure nutrients are added exactly per the manufacturers guide lines. Check these mixes with your meter, and use that figure as a guide. Remember to check this again if you have to adjust the PH, or add any other supliments.
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    mincepie Member

    ay? I am not using mircle grow... nah... the only grow pics i have put up were a failed grow (one of my first attempts where i used too much superthrive) I havent started a hydro grow yet... am just wanting to know wot kind of EC/CF meter reading I should be getting for the veg and flower phases?
    Cheers sticky pistal, I will do that I guess... unless anyone can assist me some more?

    StickyPistal Member

    Hey mincepie, the only highly accurate method is the one I mentioned, and depending on the exact type of nutrients/additives etc you are using, the conductivity (EC reading) will change from one manufacturer to another. So unfortunately, no one can really tell you an exact reading to look for, unless they were aware of your exact nutrient concoction.

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