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Hydrogen Peroxide

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Smoke2Live420, Sep 6, 2007.


    Smoke2Live420 New Member

    Why do ppl use this on plants? Is it safe and what does it do.. can you use normal hydrogen peroxide thats use for cuts and shit ??

    ladyburn Active Member

    hi there
    i found hydrogen peroxide in a few stuff ive read and decided to try it out. yes the regular stuff for cuts but make sure its 3%. i used a very small ratio - a few drops /litre.
    my clones grew roots within days. seedlings also. as far as im concered hydrogen peroxide has an unstable oxygen molecule, and i found it beneficial for developing healthy root systems.
    make sure not to use too much, i dont know what could happen... but a few drops diluted in water wont cause any harm, try it out.
    Mr. Bud

    Mr. Bud Well-Known Member

    It is also used to kill any bacteria and to help prevent mold.

    pitbudz87 Well-Known Member

    well i have a ? can you use it only in water like i have a small cloner and i added it to that, but can i mix it with my water used im my soil?

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Bump. I'd like to know this as well.

    flamdrags420 Well-Known Member

    It will break down and kill the beneficial as well as the harmful micro organisms in soil
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    IndigoPhoenix Active Member

    1 capful/liter..i swear by it. kills any would be pathogens and delivers oxygen to the roots..my plants thank me for it. wonderful stuff, peroxide is.

    podunk421 Active Member

    Im a new grower myself and not using the best equipment but it gets the basics of growing down. I have used hydrogen peroxide at 3% as a half and half with purified water to start germinating seeds in root plugs. I have found it to more than triple my root mass compared to just water alone. Even at a half and half dilution the stuff you get at wal-greens is 97% purified water anyway so I have yet to see an over peroxide application problem. I cant really utilize any beneficial bacteria because of it, but for stimulating root growth I will continue to use it and swear by it from a newbies standpoint.

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