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hydrofarm ice box?????

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by johndoe12345678, Jan 22, 2011.


    johndoe12345678 Well-Known Member

    can u use one ice box to cool 2 1000watts in a 4x8x7 grow tent? do u have to buy the chiller? how easy is it to set these up?

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    im sure you could use line the two hoods up in a row, and have one of the bigger ice box chillers on one end of the hoods. you have to have a water chiller and a separate res too.

    purrrrple Well-Known Member

    Call Hydro Innovations (the manufacturer) they have GREAT tech support. I'm certain they will recommend 1 icebox per 1000w light and atleast a 1/4 HP per 1000w light (for a total of 1/2HP chiller). You should get the following if you want it to work:
    (1) 1/2 HP chiller (Chillking preferably, Ecoplus & ActiveAqua work also)
    (2) 8" Air cooled reflectors (8" works better than 6")
    (2) 8" Icebox
    (1) Box 8" duct
    (1) Inline Fan (MaxFAN Preferably but ActiveAir, Ecoplus, Vortex, CAN etc work)
    (1) 55-75G resevior
    (1) Pump (1264-2240GPH)
    (1) 1/2" hose 25'

    PM me, I can steer you in the right direction to get the stuff cheap. Hope this helps!

    johndoe12345678 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info

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