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Hydro w/ Serious Seeds, White Russian (Fem)

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by goldyboy, Feb 2, 2013.


    goldyboy Member

    Hi i was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on this strain? I wanna use Coco Coir and grow under light watering with Canna A-B Veg & Canna A-B Flower. Any tips i can know about this method with this strain? Ph of the coco/nut amounts/watering frequency act? This is my first time growing with proper genetics. Only done bag seed in the past :)

    Cheers guys!

    goldyboy Member

    Also any tips for the water i use? Can i use bottled drinking water from the shop?

    mvoltage24 Member

    i dont have much advice on growing in hydro as im in the process of my first hydro grow and learning myself but i do know about white russian. it was one of the first strains i grew and i found it to not be a nute hog so keep the nutes mild never excedding 800ppm IMO. The buds turn out nice and frosty with a decent flowering time. training her wouldnt be a bad idea either. I LST'd them and had some beautiful top buds with decent middle and bottom buds. Keep PH at 6.0 and have fun
    Good luck

    Osburn Active Member

    I had a great experience with WR fem seeds last year. I plan to grow it quite a bit in the coming years. I topped all of them after two weeks of veg and threw them into flower after nineteen days of veg when they were only about six inches tall. I use GH flora series with the lucas formula in my hydro set-up and plants tend to really blow up in my room. I was kind of worried about the yield with WR because they didn't blow up that much. They ended up being only about thirty inches tall but I averaged six ounces per plant off those little plants! In my opinion, this strain is the ultimate strain for a basement grow. The plants don't get too tall. They hold their own weight well. And they have massive colas that produce a good yield. Attached is a picture of my WR fem plants after 42 days in flower.

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