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Hydro ph problem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by keepemwell, Jun 23, 2009.


    keepemwell Member

    First time grow hydro, 2 weeks into vegitative stage, ph keeps rising to about 7.2 everyday. Im going through ph Down like crazy trying to keep it at the rite level. Any suggestions:confused::confused::confused: ty

    wallimaster Well-Known Member

    air stones in your resivor? i change my res. water every other week.. if i need to add water in between, i P.H. it to 5.5-6.0 then add to my res. its easier then filling it up and guessing how much up or down to put in.

    eman420 Member

    its normal for the ph to go up as the plants feed and take in nutes they will naturally make the ph go up you need to check the ph and the ppm everyday...

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    I think it has alot to do with the weather. I am soil but I was useing 5 20 gallon buckets , (perpetual grow) the first had a little veg nutes and flower nutes, the rest where more and more flower nutes then the last was just plain water.
    All of them would drop down in the summer (ph) so every day I would set ph before feeding.

    Dystopia Active Member

    What kind of water are you using (tap, RO, or distilled)? If using tap water, what is the ppm of the water alone?
    Many municipal water sources are heavily buffered to resist ph changes (and help the pipes last longer)…if your water is buffered to 7.0 ph, for instance, all adding acid will do is drop the ph temporarily; the buffer will “adjust” the ph back to 7.0. If your water ppm is relatively high (say above 200 ppm) it is probably heavily buffered and will resist changes to ph…it will take a lot of ph down to counter the buffer. Try using distilled water or invest in an RO system.

    OldmanJoe Active Member

    I had similar problem - it was my nutrient choice. Unfortunately I don't recall the details. But the sum of it was the nitrogen in the fertilizer can come from 2 sources. As I recall one was nitrates, and the other was ammonium based or something like that.
    When using the nitrates, the plant absorbed the nitrogen and my ph kept rising. I switched to the other and it resolved that issue.

    I wish I had more details, but take the thought and look around, you might find the details.

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