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Hydro Nutes

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by whitebombs, Feb 7, 2007.


    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    according to the fox farm feeding schedule you only add nuets once a week....is it like this for all hydroponics? only once a week?

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    dude just add the fox farm (grow big right>??) every watering schedule and i use it in conjunction w/ othernutes but get some superthrive and just adjust your ppm (concentration) i like to be around 1300 ppm when they get full looking (1 1/2 - 2 weeks and on)

    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    is it really nessicary to check ppm or will it stabilize itself if i follow the foxfarm feeding schedule? it seems to auto set the pH levels...
    (i'm using the aerogarden a tiny setup)

    and right now i have the 3 liquid foxfarm nuets, plan on getting the flowering ones later...

    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    i'm not even too sure what ppm is, i just know it has to do with neuts :o

    MJ89 Active Member

    PPM stands for parts per million. So it is a unit of measurement for the concentration of nutes in your water. Hope that cleared it up a little.:blsmoke:

    Unique Well-Known Member

    If you use anything close to the fox farm nutes schedule for an AG it will burn your plants overnight. The way the rez is set up in the AG like a half moon, all the nute settle right in the middle of the rez under the pump....so it’s a huge dose of nutes to little plants.
    Go at least 1/8 of what the schedule.

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