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Hydro net pot size? Pic inside.

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by brianc01088, Nov 22, 2008.


    brianc01088 New Member

    What should the size of my net pots be on my DWC if I want to grow 3-4 plants with a 4 gallon tote? [​IMG]

    brianc01088 New Member

    Anyone know how big I should go with the nets?
    Old in the Way

    Old in the Way Well-Known Member

    Uuuhhhhhh........how bout.......

    any size you want, 2", 4", 6", you could get crazy and do one of each-not really. However, the net pot just needs to stabalize the plant and hold the medium and keep things upright during your grow. Once the roots leave the net pots (in a couple-few days) they are submerged in the water culture and have all the room in the world or tote as the case may be to grow. With one plant per gallon they will be fine in whatever. I would use a small net pot and also light proof that tote or buy a black one to keep pathogen and algae growth down by NOT providing it with light all while keeping the roots in the dark (roots definately need light protection, kinda like if they were in the ground, ya know) Also a 2"net pot would mean you could make space for 6 plants and cull out the 2 weakest during veg or if putting clones directly to flower cull the 2 weakest after a week to ten days in flower. Good luck and make sure you run redundant airpumps to your tote so when one fails you don't drown your crop in 4 hours.

    xsniper9898 Active Member

    I would say go with the 3.75 net pots 6 of them if it is a small tote.

    TheBigTomato Shopping Cart


    Maybe the 2 inch net pots I didn't see that it was a 4 gallon tote.

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