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Hydro leaf orange/brown/yellow spots

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by master6786, Nov 15, 2009.


    master6786 Member

    Need help with the leaf problem. It was only 1or2 little orange/brown dots couple days ago. I check the PH it was too high(7.0) I dropped it down to around 6.0 and the problem seems getting worse? Im running a 75-80 temp, 2x24w T5 6500k. Is it Mg/Ca def? or light burn? cause I had it pretty close to the plant maybe 5 inches. Please help!!

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    jnuggs Well-Known Member

    I can't tell you what deficiency/burn you have, but I do not believe it has to do with the light being too close. I too use 2x24w T5's and run at least 80..at LEAST, and it's not the leaves burning! :) I am going to !GUESS! It COULD be a cal/mag deficiency..but are you using any nutes? tap water, R/O?

    master6786 Member

    I use tap water but I let it sit for couple days and there is a oxygen pump in the tank. I use the 2-1-2 nutrient and 2-0-0 Magical(Mg+Ca) and I use them half of the strength suggested. Also I used Epsom salt whenever im not using Magical.

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