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Hydro Cheat Sheet. Real?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rdgx34, Jun 9, 2008.


    rdgx34 Active Member

    Hydro cheat sheet:
    Ec/PPM goes up, PH goes down=plants require less nutes.
    Ec/PPM goes down, PH goes up=Plants require more nutes
    Ec/PPM stable, PH goes up=Equilibrium=Good thang.

    I read this somewhere, Is this true? I want to give my girls more nutes but the ppm goes up by a little byitself so does that mean i shouldent?
    Also if this is true does anyone know what about ppm goes up and PH also goes up?

    I am currently vegging and was wondering what light schedual is best?
    THe more the better? such as 24-0?

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