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Hydrated lime vs dolomite lime granular

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by psychadelibud, Mar 25, 2013.


    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    Just wondering which of these two limes is best to mix with my guerilla grow holes? Last year I
    used dolomite grabular (sort of like small gravel) that came from a farm and fertilizer store. This
    year I have some left over but purchased some very fine powdered hydrated lime made
    by bonides for gardening. Just didnt know if there are differences. Thanks.

    mandy1 Well-Known Member

    dolomite is slower releasing and i think it has more mag and other minerals than the quick release hydrated lime. if the soil is sour (think swampy area) or too acidic then use powdered around the area. if your putting it in a hole, then the slower release of dolomite may be better.

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