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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GreenDream74, Dec 6, 2017.


    GreenDream74 Member

    E23B8822-358A-493F-B540-AC297AAA5B94.jpeg 8424C9D8-7EE3-444C-85FA-0CF56B370B2D.jpeg Okay so I’m having a little of humidity problems in my seedling area. It was too cold there about 65 degrees so I put a heater next to. I knew it would bring my RH down some but it was already way to low at 36% and this shot it all the way down to 27%. So I tried putting a cup of water in the tray and spraying the humidome down to bring it up. I got it to about 29% before It back to 27%. So now I’m gonna try taking the heater out and putting a heating pad on low under the tray to see if that will help any combined with the cup of water and misting the humidome. After the next thing I will try is filling the bottom of the tray with a little bit of water and once I do move my cubes into the tray I’ll just put them in a bowl so they aren’t sitting in water. Other than that I can’t think of much to help. Any suggestions?

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    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about it? Get a new hygrometer?

    GreenDream74 Member

    Hygrometer is brand new. So seedling will be able to survive in sub 30% humidity I thought they would die?

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Mine have never died in low humidity. And even though your hygrometer is brand new, that doesn't mean it's accurate.
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    GreenDream74 Member

    I could also just put a bag over them and that would help them build humidity as well right?

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    You have that dome on them with moisture inside, that will raise the humidity. With all that moisture on the dome the humidity has to be higher than the hygrometer says.

    GreenDream74 Member

    That’s from me misting the dome to try and build humidity

    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    just add some water to the bottom of that tray keep it in the drainage groves thatll raise your humidity

    nobighurry Active Member

    I use a heating pad, I do spray the inside of the dome before and after work but my humidity creeps down to the mid 40s, I have never had a failure due to low humidity after many years... I recently purchased a humidifier but still waiting on a controller, forge on you'll be fine...

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    The reason clones die in low humidity is because they don't have enough roots to hydrate the foliage up top with the moisture. Seedlings don't have this problem and lower humidity isnt as big of a concern.

    GreenDream74 Member

    Thanks everyone for the help. I just went ahead and moved them in to my 4x4 under 600w mh at about 36 inches from the dome. The humidity is doing much better in there.

    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    I don't use a humidity dome and my humidity is about 60% for the clones is this too low??? I have trouble rooting clones sometimes.

    GreenDream74 Member

    From what I understand clones need higher humidity because of not having that taproot at the beginning to help them. This is my first grow and I’ve only done seeds. I could be wrong but with clones you want the humidity as high as you can get it.

    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    Lol your hygrometer only measures humidity at the unit, not with the probe, put the entire unit in the dome and measure humidity that way otherwise your not getting “in dome humidity”. Humidity displayed is OUT meaning where the actual unit is sitting not where the probe is sitting. Got to be 90-100 humidity in that dome.

    GreenDream74 Member

    I check that too. It sits at 65-70. Most of that moisture is from me misting the dome a little.

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