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Humidifier recommendations

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Isisyogi, Sep 28, 2011.


    Isisyogi Active Member

    Hi. Have a small space (3w x 2d x 5h) and am looking for a good humidifier. Suggestions wanted. Thanks.

    nick17gar Well-Known Member

    FREE HUMIDIFIER TO GOOD HOME: get a container, put water in it, stick it under the lamps.
    seriously tho, its near free dude, and gets the job done.
    what i do is fill a 5-10gal bucket with water, 3 days later, i use that water on the plants, and refill the bucket.
    It keeps the humidity up, but not too high (which can promote rot), and provides a reservoir of fresh water to use whenever you need to (just dont put ferts in until you need to use it)
    Get a humidity meter too, if its still low, get another bucket, or one with a larger surface area, or stick what ya got under the lamps more.

    Isisyogi Active Member

    Thanks. I live in AZ, humidity is a bitch.

    Have a hygrometer. Tried the water in a container method. Didn't increase a bit overnight, guessing too far from light. Got a humidifier early this morning. Checked after 45 mins, didn't raise the humidity at all. Just misted my plants and filled the indentation around my hydro rez and turned up the lighting to 600, raised the humidity 7% in 30 minutes. Only problem with that method is the mess I'll need to clean when I look in the rez. Figure if I dial in an amount to do early in the AM, then hopefully by right before lights out I can do whatever needs to be done in the rez after it has evaporated for the day. I'll come up with another solution. In the meantime, it works.

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