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Humboldt seed organisation--Chemdawg...might be worth holding onto

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dgaf757, Oct 3, 2012.


    dgaf757 Active Member

    So Im sure Im not the only person to realize that HSO has the same seed tins as Dinafem, their company colors are the same, and obviously the very first HSO website used Dinafems pics...

    But this begs the question now, since Dinafem has actually gotten ahold of the Original Chemdog, from Chemdog himself as well as GuavaChem seeds which is almost an IBL...could the real chem cuts be elsewhere in EU..They call it DinaChem. Short of Chemdog himself saying he never did that...Id believe its true esp. when Dinafem so blatenly put it out there.

    Now the pictures of Dinafems Og Kush is the same picture just a different angle for HSO-Og Kush. The picture for Dinafems new DinaChem has always been HSO-Chemdawgs picture again from a different angle.

    HSO is a uk based company that does collaborations with surrounding breeders and companies. Obviously there is nothing saying there is a direct connection between Dinafem and HSO...maybe HSO is emulating Dinafem, but IMHO I think there may be a chance that when people get the UFOs from Attitudes HSO sept. promotion there may be some serious keepers.

    PattyWagon Well-Known Member

    I popped a chemdawg from Hso tonight. I hope dinafem had some sort of connection. Because theyre strains are great!

    dgaf757 Active Member

    Awesome. Are you doing any kind of journal or log of the grow? Id love to see some kind of info from people that actually grow the strain.

    I know, I like Dinafems consistency with their strains. They are solid plants. Im still doing some digging and sending emails to various Dinafem and HSO employees to get a lead to know if DinaChem and HSO Chemdawg are either the same strain...or at the least that they are closely related.

    I will be getting a 5pack of Dinachem, and I will be running DinaChem next to Chemdawg to see if I can make a connection without either company having to tell me. I mean if the plants are closely related, they will probably perform about the same.

    What REALLY confuses me is "Dina FEM" and DinaChem is a REGULAR seed. It boggles my mind. Best of luck to you and your Chem!

    VitaminXxX Active Member

    I got 3 freebies from them too.havent read much about HSO so I didn't pop any.I shall wait & see...

    PattyWagon Well-Known Member

    Yeah dude I'm gunna include it in my main thread/journal.

    dgaf757 Active Member

    Vitamin: I too had the same issue. I couldnt find any info on grows of HSO strains, but what I did find out was that some of their strains are highly sought after versions of Sensi seeds strains. The Lemon Thai Kush is a Sensi strain called Fruity Juice (Lemon Thai x Afghani "Kush") and HSO's automatic strain is this same Sensi Fruity Juice strain crossed to ruderalis.

    I have 3 of the HSO Lemon juice express going...and man, they get big for automatics

    Pattywagon: haha man that name scares me. Thats awesome im gunna follow this grow. Im really interested to see how HSO stacks up against the other seed banks. Personally I think HSO is going to be one of these breeders/companies that reworks some already well known strains.

    I have been looking into HSO well before the promo. I didnt find much, but what I did find out about them made me very impressed. Im really hoping to see some of these promo seeds turn into some nice keeper phenos.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    Biffy2012 Member

    Growing hso chemdawg and pineapples skunk now 2 weeks from harvest. Chemdawg is insanely crystally and absolutely stinking look very stable too can't wait to have ago. Yields not going to be amazing but I knew that when I started them. There's probably 2 oz a plant. The pineapples are going mental smell really fruity and very crystally aswell and looks like there going to be about 4 oz a plant very good yielder. Overall think there good seeds and a good company. It's funny how everybody wants to slate them even though no ones tried them. Just people getting jelous cos someone's making some money and there not Well I would definatly do them again. Keep up the good work hso

    SteezyDee Active Member

    I just started growing some Dinafem Blue Widow and HSO Chemdawg so I hope what you're saying is real!! Lol. Link to my thread below If you guys are interested. Happy growing :-P:leaf:

    caregiver4204life Member

    ive got both the hso chemdawg and the dinafem og kush in a perpetual rotation... the plants actually seem identical... both had the largest cotyledon's i'd every seen on a seedling.... the cotyeldons on both strains were extremlye very long and fat.... there was a strange deformity on the middle finger of the 3rd set of real leaves on all the chemdawgs..sure enough OG's had the same deformity.. the chemdawg are in their 4th week of flower and the OG's are in their 2nd wk... watching the two strains grow together i really cant tell the difference btw them... your right i recieved both seeds in a similiar round tin...

    SteezyDee Active Member

    Check out my journal for some pics of HSO's Chemdawg! Just starting 12/12.

    BigPhatBong Active Member

    Did you ever grow the Chemdawg out dgaf or find anything more about the Dinafem/HSO connection? I've grown the Blue Dream, Trainwreck and got the Chemdawg going now an they are probably one of the best companies I've ever tried an I've tried a few so I like them a lot and their prices. Still not much online for em yet though:wall:

    KronicUse Member

    I recieved a singe HSO ChemDawg seed as per the spet Attitude promotion.
    I just got done curing.
    This is my first large scale grow (I've grown 1-2 schwag plants before, but no real effort put in or expectations had), but I followed the book (Ed Rosenthal/Oaksterdam Univ.'s book) this time and everything turned out pretty good, despite a little bit of over-feeding.
    But they grew green; vegged for 6weeks; fertilized with fox farms, all organic; flushed at 2weeks, and 3days, prior to harvest; Harvested when trichomes started turning amber (9weeks for ChemDawg); dried for 10days; and finally, cured for 4weeks.
    Along with the HSO CD, I grew the HSO TrainWreck, HSO Blue Dream, and DJ Short BlueBerry.
    The ChemDawg is the dankest out of them. But they all turned out good.
    I only had 1 seed, so I dont't know if I got lucky or whtt with the 1 seed, but it turned out super dank and I got 2+ oz (a good 1.5oz top shelf nug) from the one plant!
    It has FAT trichomes, buds are nice and tight (not super dense tho), smell is very earthy and generally dank (very ksuh-like), the smoke is expansive and smooth.
    Overall i give the HSO ChemDawg 8.5/10
    (which is very good, better than 85% of the bud out there).

    the Blue Dream is an excellent offering from HSO too, GREAT yielder.
    the trainwreck is so/so; the buds are nice bud very low yield
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    vinrusso New Member

    I know this is an old post, but HSO is just a seed broker (middleman) like most of the U.K. based places. HSO is actually California strains from different breeders. The reason of course is selling seeds online in the states is illegal. Lately you can see more and more old breeders getting into the seed business. Good Cali bud was clone only some years ago.

    taipanspunk Active Member

    I agree. I'd admit I wasnt to crazy about dinefem nor their brand seeds, but there was a period of freebies over freebies at the tude and I grew them out of curiosity... Results (interms of yield, potency, and particular tastes) are quite quite quite good if not excellent.

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