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Humboldt Seed Org Blue Dream.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by tyke1973, Feb 27, 2018.


    klx Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know. Nobody wants to smoke it is what I meant. I grew it already and had trouble getting rid of it.

    santacruztodd Well-Known Member

    I live in Santa Cruz, where Blue Dream comes from. The HSO strain is NOTHING like it. I ended up throwing it out. We get good local cuts of the real Blue Dream here in the Cruz and it is a well-balanced haze/blueberry. It is my daily driver for smoke. HSO lost coast hash plant is another joke. These guys don;t know shit about seeds, and you had better stay clear of them. In short, they suck. Come to any dispensary in Santa Cruz and you get a REAL Blue Dream, though not always.
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    seedfinderss Member

    yeah I misunderstood 10000% Sorry about that im a little bit of a ditz when it comes to some things, especially text based haha. It;s a shame there's no good seed version of this baby. I certainly love the smoke of the strain.

    @santacruzetodd do they sell clones / seeds to visitors / out of state drivers licenses in rec, dispensaries there ?

    I got some dope Jamba Labs, and powered by diesel genetics about to land, and then a closed run of Jamba Labs Magnus Opus hybrid genetics I have the privileged to be apart of.

    Jamba Labs are the makers of Rainbow Kush and Pink Mints.
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