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~~HTG Lighting Systems..Good Quality!!?~

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by juicyjayz, Jul 22, 2008.


    juicyjayz New Member

    Is this HTG light system good..is it good quality,and has anyone ever used one of them?I need all info on this light fixture,or HTG's customer service!!Thanks...High Tech Garden Supply

    Also,lets say I grow this in a small closet,and I dont use ducting and cooling..is it sufficient by just poingting some house fans at the bulb??And having as much fans blowing upwards to make the warm air rise above the canopy?

    What if I leave the closet door open as much as I can?:hump::hump::hump:

    happyface Well-Known Member

    i got my 400w hps ballast bulb and reflector for 149.99 from HTG supply on EBAY. ive used it for almost 9 months and no problems. i have it in a closet and YES it will get hot. at first i just had a fan in there and it got up to like 90 degrees. now i have a 5000 btu a/c in my window and one fan in the closet pointing out the corner.i have a huge blanket covering the closet.and it works GREAT.

    juicyjayz New Member

    Do you think its possible to manage the temps with alot of fans..like maybe 5 fans pointing up at the light system?I dont wanna invest in a portable AC..also keep in mind I am somewhere in Fl...the "hot"part lol...How hot will it get?What if I leave the closet door kinda open,and have a fan blowing OUT the door....pretty much a cheap and simply ventilation setup?...!

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    may work ..if your in a hot climate and not have proper cooling could be problems , but i use 2 400 watt in a 4 foot by 5 foot area and vent with a little bathroom ventilation fan and have an osculating fan and it stays in the 90's which my plants don't seem to mind they actually get pretty crystalline to try and keep from drying up

    jimmiespigotz Active Member

    I've had the 400w hps light from htg for about 2 months and i'm using it in about the same set up. It's in a closet with sliding doors. i keep each side open about 4 inches. I use two fans, on on the floor, on one end of the closet, blowing up towards the light, but also serves to keep air moving over the plants. the other fan is in the top of the closet on the other side and serves to vent warm air out. I also keep the ballast outside of the closet. But i've never had temps at the canopy top 82 degrees.
    The light works great, but i wish i had put the money into an air cooled hood at the time. it would save me some money on my next project of building a grow cabinet or modifying the closet so that it'll be light proof.

    outrunu Well-Known Member

    Good stuff...great service. I highly recommend HTG Supply:joint::peace:

    stoner408 Well-Known Member

    htg is awesome i just recently recieved my reflector hood and mylar.very fast i might add

    juicyjayz New Member

    How does the package come?In a plain brown box..or does it have a huge High Tech Garden logo lol...that will get peoples interest...also,I live in hot ass Florida.......

    stoner408 Well-Known Member

    my light and ballast came brand new in a plain box. the mylar came in a long white box and the reflector hood came in a box with the logo wrapped in black tape.

    juicyjayz New Member

    Oh ok...I really wanna buy the 400W HPS...then just flower 9 plants..SOG style.

    One plant per square foot,in coco coir/perlite....how much might this yield from lets say..Big Bud clones?

    Also,how far can I have the light over the canopy?Without the plants stretching for the light??!

    stoner408 Well-Known Member

    right on im doing sog for my next grow also.im gonna do them from seed.

    happyface Well-Known Member

    your in the heat,funny. im in az man.i went to florida and i would love to grow outside there.the humidity is perfect.would make FAT nugs. but yea it sounds good. but the a/c was only 99.99 at SEARS. makes it feel awesome in my room. GOOD INVESTMENT. well happy growings.

    juicyjayz New Member

    ok..so if i get a small ac...how can i use it inside a closet???like if its portable??doesnt i need somewhere to vent or something lkike that nigga??

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    yea even portable ac need to vent somehwere for the moisture and the hot hair HTG makes good stuff and if something goes wrong they stand behind it also since ur in flordia i think they have a store in flordia u might be able to save some money on shipping

    juicyjayz New Member

    i dnt need shit from htg supply...just a way to keep 2 400w hps cool in a closet..i can either go with aircolled hood and a vortex..but the prices quickly add up either way..thats way i wanna use a small cheap portable ac..so how would i go about usinmg it inside my closet???:spew:

    haze2 Well-Known Member

    I bought my hood and ballast from them, sun system 7 dual 1000w ballast and a growzilla hood from hydrofarm.

    juicyjayz New Member

    yea..but for the ENTIRE price ..it quickly adds up to over 300$$!!! shit for that i might as well buy a lil portable ac right??more convenient to use to.....so how can i use a portable ac inside a closet??and how would i go about venting the hot air poutsidwe???

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    Dude, your going to have to run an exhaust out of the closet or the hot air will keep circulating. We don't know what your setup looks like so it is hard for anyone to tell you exactly how to do it.

    If having the door open a little bit is not a concern then you can face the AC into the closet and let the warm air flow out the back. There are also AC units that are no venting required like this one:

    But they are in the $150- $200 range so you might want to think about getting a system from HTG that will help with the ventilation.

    You need to be spending a little bit more anyway. That is just an HPS light which is for flowering, so you will also need to get a MH conversion bulb for vegging.

    It will make your closet grow a lot easier if you invest in the right system.

    juicyjayz New Member

    na for vegging i use t-5..besides,ince im done with this ak48 seed run,and have a chosen mother plant..im gonna be doing sog grows with NO vegging..at 40 clones floered from root to 12/12....so no point ion getting a mh bulb..and also,if ima invest in a fgan,its gonna be a nice vortex fan,which are castly,so i mighty as well get one of those..any links to a ac like that 1??:hump::spew:

    ProPlayer420 Well-Known Member

    I bought a 1000 watt light set up from HTGSupply over a year ago . I got the digital balast, 6"vented Hood, bulb, socket & Cord. Great set up for a beginner and have been happy with it. I do wish I would of gotten two 600watt digital setups can't beat that basic setup light kit they have for 199.00. Thats gonna be my next purchase from them and sell my 1000watt . I don't know why you don't get the 600watt kit over the 400watt , not much difference in the price and with the 600watt your gonna get more light for your bang and not really alot more heat..But yeah for a beginning start up I recommend HTGSupply.

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