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HSO Bubba Kush!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Neoangelo147, Oct 1, 2013.


    Neoangelo147 Well-Known Member

    Here is my freebies from Attitude HSO Bubba Kush!!
    Getting cold nights making things purple up :mrgreen:
    Trichomes are milky looking to soon see a few amber I say about 2-3 weeks left...
    View attachment 2843065 View attachment 2843066

    Here is a cross I got from a buddy White Girl OG
    Snow White x Grapefruit Krush x Buddha Tahoe OG

    White Girl OG 2.jpg White Girl OG.jpg

    Critical Hog


    My Lil Buddy On Post!!

    Critical Plus

    Attached Files:


    DrGreenthumb333 Active Member

    Looking great Neo...that critical hog is starting to look close to being done..from what I can see anyways. Beautiful girls you have there, that buddy white girl og looks like a killer cross too man, all of them look wonderful.

    Rold2Tight Well-Known Member

    Took the words right off my fingers :bigjoint: Agree, agree, agree and that white girl og is friggin BEAUTIFUL :weed:

    Good work and bring 'em on home :-P

    R2T :peace:

    Xub420 Active Member

    Heck yeah Neo! Knockin out freebie seedies!

    Neoangelo147 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man yea that Critical Hog is real close I say another 2 weeks or so trichomes are still clear but mostly cloudy...The hairs are brown already cause I kinda burnt them lol...Trying to fight off the dam bud worms :roll:

    Vegs New Member

    Neo - Is it safe to assume the HSO Bubba Kush seeds were viable yielding consistent plants? Or were there issues with germination and/or lack of consistency throughout the females and males?

    I can't seem to find grow reports from anyone who has actually grow these. I've seen nothing but folks questioning the validity of HSO themselves loosing sight of the genetics behind the strain.

    I'm about to pop these beans in a few weeks and would hate to be disappointed.

    doubletake Well-Known Member

    Lots of nice colors in there
    looking really good and frosty man how much
    longer are you away from harvest you think?

    doubletake Well-Known Member

    And yeah the critical hog is my favorite pic, soo frosty looks like you could pick her any day now but, 2 more weeks will totally help pack on some more frost and denser her up a tad bit more.

    have you seen any rought yet since there's more moisture in the air this time of year?

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