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    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    63 days 12/12 I cant believe she stayed so short I thought she was going to be huge from all of the stories I've heard
    Blue Dream.jpg
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    A seed called blue dream isn't the same as the real clone only blue dream.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Why just come in negative with a turd of a post like that. The world stays shitty when people can't even be civil to one another.

    To the OP: Nice plant man. But unfortunately like guy so rudely suggested is is not the real blue dream which leans more sativa/haze. So your phenotype is just leaning more toward indica-ish/blueberry, which is why it went faster.

    You catch more flies with honey than you do with shit.
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    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    lol its all good im not a weed stiffler...as long as its good Im not trippin on it being the REAL DEAL but I was speaking to the fact that people that have grown HSO blue dream have said theirs was huge.....By the way this Blue Dream smells the exact same as the Blue Dream that I have bought off the street numerous times so I am happy with it

    sonicboomboy Member

    Thats a bit harsh, he was only stating a fact.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I don't think I was being harsh. The OP was looking for feedback not someone to be all smug. Would it have killed PJ to say, "hey nice plant, but it is the clone only cut of blue dream that takes 10+ weeks."
    That is why I said he was being neggie with a cold post.

    sonicboomboy Member

    The problem with written word is sometimes you cant tell what tone was meant. You thought he was being smug i thought he was just saying why the OP's plant was different from what he expected. :peace:

    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    Nice plant! My buddy just grew one out and I think it is fantastic. Excellent smoke without a doubt! I'm going to give it a go.

    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    Was it from HSO? Did you see what the plant looked like?
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    I have both the HSO Blue dream and the clone only cut of Santa Cruz blue dream.

    The HSO does have a sativa dominant pheno that's pretty close to the real thing. It's close but it's not it. The HSO pheno tastes a little hazier, my scbd is like skittles. My scbd finishes in 8 weeks

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    that is a nice looking plant i really like shorter stature bud laden plants..... i like tall bud laden plants too . really nice rich green color for that late in the grow which is a nice reflection on you

    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    I wish mine finished in 8 weeks....Its indica as F*ck and looks like its going to need the whole 70 days

    dodey420 Active Member

    i recently harvested some blue d from hso.. and i am very familiar with the california clone only cut.. The smell is exactly the same as the cali clone only cut!!!the bud was super impressive very sticky tons of trichs i cut them down at 50 days 12/12 hairs were 70% amber buds were very hard.got 2 phenos both stayed relatively short with topping...ohh and the sour diesel from them is super fire cut her down in 8 weeks.. i use 4 1000w hps in soil.
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    I got 3 phenos from my pack...an indica dominant, a 50/50 mix, and a sativa dominant...the indica dom was pretty much straight blueberry and took like 9 weeks...the sativa dom pheno is the one you want IMHO. It's pretty close to the Santa Cruz cut I have. Finishes quick, grows fast and yields well, just like my cut.

    only difference between my cut and that HSO pheno is that the cut has longer thinner leaves and tastes a totally fruity, no haze taste at all....the HSO keeper I had tastes hazey.

    Someone else mentioned their sour diesel, I'll second what they said... I was shocked how good it is..I kept the SD and didn't keep the BD.
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    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was the HSO version of Blue Dream. I really liked this shit. It was as good as anything I have ever grown. That is exactly why I decided to grow one for myself. I liked it that much. Even if it isn't exactly the same as the clone only version. It was a very tastey smoke with a nice buzz to match. It yielded pretty good too. I think it was an all around good plant worth giving a try.

    I also got to see it grow from seed. It had a moderate stretch on her. Nothing uncontrollable at all. The colas were big as hell and went all the way down the branch. It had very long pistils that turned a pale brown color. The buds had a thick layer of trichs on them. The buds had a look to them like they were actually wet. I'm not talking about the visible trichs either. It was crazy looking. The leaves did turn a blueish color towards the end without cold temps. It was a very easy plant for him to grow. He had it in Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil under a 400w mh/hps. He gave it water all the way through and topped it a couple times. I'm not for sure what his harvest numbers were exactly, but I imagine at least 2-3 ozs. It was his best yielding plant yet.

    So after seeing all of this I decided that I wanted to grow this one as well. It was some really good tasting weed. It had this fruity undertone that hit you like a juicy fruit piece of candy. But the main taste was of hazey blueberries. The smell transferred completely to the taste, so much so that it made it special imo. The buzz was pretty strong and would definitely put you to sleep if you smoked to much. Otherwise it had a good mixture of head and body.

    dodey420 Active Member

    the sour diesel is a heavy yielder much more so than the blue dream..if u want a real dank strain thats a keeper grow kandy kush from dna yields big and grows killer trichomes..

    Slimjimham Well-Known Member

    Im going to chalk it up to a bunk seed but the hso blue dream was 5'10" and just before the 3rd week in flower (started budding nicely) I found a ton of clusters of bananas at the base of the stalks and branches.... like tons of bananas in a cluster with no bud around em the size of a marble or a bit smaller.... everythimg else looks great, no light leaks, controled environment by mini split and dehumidifier..... first time runing it obv... I killed the clones

    mkbinc1971 Member

    Such a dumbass statement,seen it so many time's.The if you don't have a cut from whatever,"clone only" then it ain't shit is just stupid.Obviously that mother plant came from a seed just like any other great stain,someone pick's that particular one out of how many? Say 100 seed's germinated,then one phenol is picked out for whatever reason and is great, that doesn't mean the rest are shit.There might b how many of the other 99 that might be just as great or better.Just happened to be the one selected for whatever reason's.Good genetic's are good genetic's period. The way it sound's is that supreme being's stopped by in the mothership and gifted some lucky fuck with the "holy grail" and beside's this wizard everyone else has shit.Personally have nerver bought into this retarded way of thinking,so for what it's worth..........................

    gudkarma New Member

    hmmm... the santa cruz cut is the original.

    that cut shouldnt go 8 weeks. nope. its longer flower time.

    the remake is 60 to 65.

    i have the nor cal blue dream cut.

    mine goes 65 days ...though 70 is perfekt.


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