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Hps vs metal halide - advantages vs disadvantages - flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by noxzious, Jun 2, 2010.


    noxzious Well-Known Member

    Ive always been told by my good friends on this forum that Metal Halide for veg and HPS for flowering, but i just saw the dankest obese wanging trees ever flowered on metal halide! Im a little confuzzfucked right now so holla at your boy

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    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    strait up MH?? growers with money usually use both lights together.

    noxzious Well-Known Member

    straight mh

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Look at my journal i had the 400w MH and now im on the 600w hps.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    im a 250w hps, a 250w mh, and a uvb i sometimes throw cfls in on bottom for low yielders to encourage more from them

    good luck peace out


    noxzious Well-Known Member

    See ok so MH on its own for flowering - advantages vs disadvantages against hps?

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Hps makes them stretch more. But hps gives more light per lumen. Use Mh for veg and first two weeks of flowering. Use hps from week 3-6.
    Or you could use both.
    Mh gives less light than hps.
    It will still make buds just less dense and lower yield.

    noxzious Well-Known Member

    Ok so technically if HPS is just more light per lumen then more watts of MH balance it out?

    Like a 500w MH would flower the same as a 400w HPS?

    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    HPS has more lumens per watt yes, but it's also a more accurate spectrum for flowering. Metal halide is a closer spectrum to summer light.

    Tamerlane Active Member


    For vegging use:
    - T5 54 watt high output (HO) bulbs. Not only does this use much less electricity than MHs but you can get similar if not better results because you can kiss the plants right on the bulb for maximum lumen saturation. 4 HO T5s is about equal to 400 watt MH in the lumens.

    For Flowering use:
    - 205 watt LED Panel. It has a similar Lumen profile to a 400 watt HPS except that it gives off hardly any heat so you can kiss the plants on the bulb for maximum saturation and it consumes much less electricity.

    the advantages of these bulbs are 3 fold.
    1) these bulbs give off much less heat so you save cost in not having to buy exhaust and cooling setups.
    2) These bulbs use much less electricity while giving off similar lumens to their 400 watt MH and HPS counterparts (respectively). This means you save money per unit lumen.
    3) Cops cant profile your home grow via heat and electricity profiling. So you have less chance of getting caught by popos.

    MH and HPS is old tech. This is 2010, and you can get similar lumen output at much less watts = lower residual costs. The 205 Watt LED is more expensive than a 400 watt HPS but the savings from not having to buy a cooling and exhaust system and lower electricity costs will more than make up the savings. Not to mention this setup is worth it alone to keeping low profile under the popos searching techniques... peace of mind is priceless


    noxzious Well-Known Member

    Sorta swayed the subject a lil didnt ya fella
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    You were told right ... stick with it.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    A MH bullb puts off a different light spectrum than a HPS. For vegetative growth plants want and need light in the blue range spectrum the most and that is what MH bulbs provide. In flower light in the red spectrum is what plants want and need the most and that is the light spectrum HPS bulbs provide.

    That is the major difference.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    here is the deal if you have both and wnt ultimate from them veg all mh flower or bloom mh first 2 weeks ( to reduce stretch) then hps ( to get firm buds insted of fluffy) and last two weeks mh as finisher( to get more production)

    but i just use both at the same time and rotate the plants

    good luck Peace out
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    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Led has been tested next to an hps and the hps blew it out of the water.
    You need heat to get a good yield and heat = less Relative humidity.

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