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HPS vs LED Question

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by itsaflower, Aug 18, 2011.


    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Unless you can yield 10 oz + from 1 plant under than LED I won't be impressed.
    scottyballs yielded anywhere from 10oz to 15oz from his 400w. Dayzt is growing under a 400w as well and I'm sure will yield more than a pound. Can I get a link to your grow? I'd like to follow it to see what you yield with that LED. I am in no way "hating" on LED, I just realize the technology isn't there yet and can admit that.



    There are links to both of their grows.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Keep thinking that then. I love it when people use the argument of "I've never seen any commercial grows using leds" because it shows their true ignorance for a couple reasons: 1) Just because you've never seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist; and 2) not every grow out there is posted for you to see. My statements were based solely on my personal experience having both grown with hid and led, and not based on anything I've read or seen second hand. It's ok to have your concerns or even doubts as part of your opinion, but don't go around telling people their opinions are flat out wrong and provide bullshit to back it up. I don't feel like arguing much with you anyway so I'm not even going to bother to ask which part or parts of my statement you think are wrong. Anyone who has had success firsthand growing with leds can see where I'm coming from.

    somedude247 Active Member

    I accept you challenge buddy! When I finish out my autos, Ill but a single girl under it and see what happens;) Ive got a couple BUKUs vegging now, or maybe my BigBud just since its about yeild.

    somedude247 Active Member


    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Again, someone using the argument "because I haven't seen others doing it, it isn't possible" and that is just not a good argument to use for the reasons I just mentioned in my previous post. I think what's happening here is that some people are looking at the final yield in two different ways: one in total weight and the other in weight per watt. Think about what you want to see: a 180w grow yielding more than a 400w grow, how easy is it do that with a 250w hps and a 400w hps?...say you get 6 ounces off the 400 watts...well I've gotten +4 ounces off 180 watts of led and I know that grow could've done better; that's with less than half the watts yet more than half the yield so image what would happen if I were to use 400 watts of led...which is what I'll basically be running here in a month or so after I add in my new panel. You're more than welcome to observe them in action and it should provide a better insight.

    I'm glad you see that you can get comparable results if you spend the money in the right way. I actually made that point in my first post in this thread. True, the start up cost for the proper led system is a lot more expensive, but where you save is on the cooling costs and bulb replacements.

    I don't like where this thread is going because I try to stay away from the hps vs. led fight; we should all support each other and not jump on someone's case for giving their opinions of their preference for lighting, especially if they have first hand experience. Thanks everyone for reading my thoughts, hope I could be of some help. Happy growing and good luck!

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    The additional cost of a LED system that will actually in reality be better than a HID system will easily offset the cost of additional lights and cooling. Hell a single real LED 180w almost costs more than my entire grow setup. You'd still need something to control the smell and with my system and a lot the fan doubles as light cooling and smell removal.


    My entire setup was just over $550. buy that led panel and you still have to deal controlling smell, room/tent/cab ect..

    I just don't see the logic.

    My ENTIRE setup is:

    400w mh & hps bulbs
    20x36x60" tent full mylar
    190 cfm 4" inline fan & 18" carbon filter
    even came with 16' of ducting
    6" cool tube

    I'm not bragging, I'm comparing. I bought ALL of that for the price of one advanced nutrients LED panel. I sure as hell hope the quality $540 LED panel yields more than a $20 bulb.

    As far as the energy savings. I calculated I'd spend around $60 bucks for the entire grow in power. That is nothing really. 180w would use a ton less I agree but the cost of the panel is so high I don't see the logic as to why you would want to pay that high of an upfront cost to save $60 bucks over 3 months of growing.

    somedude247 Active Member

    If you want the best you have to pay for. Be cheap. I dont care. What I do care about is growing the best meds possible. Everyone that has finished with LEDs say its their best bud yet, not biggest harvest(YET). Hell, I have a 4.5x9x7 room with a 600w hps on one side and a 400w hps on the other. I have many things to compare to. I veg under t5ho's. Ive got many different lights readily availible for comparison. My LED has me amazed!

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Well many don't have that kind of money to spend on grow setups. you have to understand MOST people looking at led's are NOT going to spend 500 bucks on a light and the main reason they look to LED is because they don't have the money to spend in power and money to spend on controlling heat. They are going to go to ebay spend 80 bucks for something that is garbage, will have a shit yield be severely disappointed and talk shit about led all day long. Promote led ALL day long, just make DAMN sure you are telling people LED is only better when you come out of your pockets big time because that cheap shit on ebay is a gimmick and nothing more.

    somedude247 Active Member

    Im sorry. If you dont have the money then dont look. Cheap LEDs are a waste of money. Better off using HIDs then.

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    At least we agree. First time ever for LED vs HID discussion? :lol:

    Culta~Vee Member

    Ive just been looking at these things myself & trust me somedude247 i have got the money to throw at it aswell as run 6 600w MH or HPS with a newly bought setup that would make your wallet & your moma cry so you can put your handbag away son & be appreiciative that the guys on this site hear you out you should respect them for it. the way i see it is "you get what you pay for" if you go to xpense you get the high end gear you get better R&D and quality its the same with cans of beans (mmmm heinz) anyway got my eye on 2 x Illuminator Pro-Series 350w Hybrid LED http://www.prosourceworldwide.com/I...row-Lights-p/illuminator pro- series 350w.htm & i will be running them along side my beloved HIDs for my Tangerine Dream, OG Kush New year harvest


    PS as you probably guessed i dont like arrogant people

    somedude247 Active Member

    WTF you talking about? Arrogant? Disrespect? There is NO ARROGANCE or DISRESPECT in telling people what the BEST FUCKING LED out there is! Ive seen most of them in action and most of them suck! If you dont like what I say, dont read it! My purpose is to do away with HIDs altogether. And help people looking for help! You obviously have your set-up picked out, but others dont and many on here have enjoyed my views.

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    I think he just wanted to brag about spending 1200 on a LED panel...

    kentrugrolights Member

    I sell and use leds it all is about how much you want to growif you grow 6 plants for your self you can do 400watt mhl to get big buds you have to run 600 or 1000 hps you will flower with 400 but to get big buds you have to have 600 or 1000 hps leds work real good in veg room you can get 300watt led no heat and 110v also you can run a t5 4or6 bulb 110v 2x4 light do all yor vegging with that then put in flower room one t5 pulls the same as one 400watt mhl at 220v let us know how many plants so we can help kentrugrolights

    Adz. Member

    Hey just want to say thanks for all your posts and insight in this thread. I've been looking for a quality LED flowering light and I think Advanced might be it. The awesome thing for me is, the DS100 model pulling only 85w is big enough for my cupboard flowering chamber. I was going to go a 150w hps with ducting. To know I am only pulling 85w without the heating problems, gets me very interested. Think I might be spending $300 + postage very soon.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Besides the light, nutrients, coco, $15 on black and white panda film, and a $20 fan, I didn't have to spend any extra money. I don't have any of that extra shit, I don't care about odor control and I don't have to worry about pulling out excessive heat that isnt there to begin with. I guarantee youre running more like 500w after all is said and done.

    Sorry that you feel led growing isnt for you, it's not everyone's cup of tea. But some of us happen to love it and are excited about it. $500 wasnt a lot of money, after my first grow it paid for itself. Now I have a free light that keeps putting dollars in my pocket, while only taking cents out. My hid lights put dollars in my wallet too, but also takes dollars out. It's a long term investment too, and the short term gains (3 month harvest) I saw +100% returns. Plus, I'm environmentally conscious.

    albsure Active Member

    Read the facts and theories about LED's and then decide:http://www.ledgrow.eu/ft.html This guy builds LED panels and has done many experimental grows with them. His information comes from knowledge and experience. A very knowledgeable guy when it comes to LED's. Get the straight dope.

    A2007 Member

    How high do u keep ur lights away from the plant on veg and or flower on ur 400watt setup?

    psychoholic22 Active Member

    I have nothing really important to add but this is the thread from the dead...

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