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HPS/MH Light

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by kingfisher021, Nov 15, 2012.


    kingfisher021 Active Member

    Hi guys, I have been able to source some second hand HPS/MH lamps from a friend.... but they are not with the "Hood Type Reflector"

    The light I am getting is something like in the pic below.... what do you guys this? Is this suitable for an indoor setup?


    View attachment 2412027

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I'm not one for kiddie gloves in my responses, but at least you will get the correct answer.

    Don't be a douche, buy proper lights. You will never get a proper grow or flower bulb in that configuration.

    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    I agree, buy proper MH and HPS lights, there's no telling what those are, if they're the right spectrum or enough lumens.

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    I'm not trying to be a douche mate, these will end up costing me a lot of money, however where I am, I.e India, there aren't any grow shops and ordering online from overseas is a hassle with customs and other things....I will have to make do with what I can find locally....

    They have very high quality bulbs....These fittings have an in built ballast, they are definitely very high quality bulbs, but I am not sure about the Hood, Since it has a glass in front ....if that will effect the spectrum...

    400W HPS 41000 Lumens
    400W MH 41500 Lumens

    I will be supplementing with some CFL's on the side..plan to grow 2-3 plants at a time

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    whats wrong with sunlight? india has one of the best grow seasons but if you must grow indoors your gonna have to order a grow light from a hydro shop you can't cheap out on your grow light and I would go with no less then a 600w hps you can still use cfl's and shit for veg but you want good weed you need a good light to flower under. I would order from a grow shop in europe to if I were you but it all depends on your outlets europe has a different outlet design then the USA. but your not gonna get good light coverage with them lights they will work just not that good.

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    if it is hard to get stuff than you have to deal with what you have. they will work, air cooled hoods have glass also, just heat in the room will have to be dealt with.

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    I dont know about india having one of the best grow seasons man...The maximum amount of light I will get in the summers is 14-15 hours. with 5 months of contant 14-15 hour light, the veg period becomes too long. that leaves me with very few options about the kind of strains I will be able to grow. besides it gets 50 degrees maximum, a few weeks in a row of such high temprature and i wonder what will happen with the plants. When it rains, it rains for days together. the weather is very inconsistent.

    to get the kind of grow i want with all these cool hybrid strains the only option i have is to create the best conditions possible indoors.

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    Thanks, gives me some hope. I will be starting my grow in the winter over here, so the ambient temprature of the room will be very low to begin with. the heat from the lamps will only help in increasing the temprature to what will be good for the plants. this is my assumption, i dont know how it will pan out in reality. only time will tell.

    This is going to be my first attempt at growing indoors, so all this is very new and exciting at the same time. I just hope these freaking lights work.

    If I am able to throw at 2-3 plants:
    40000 Lumens using a MH Lamp + 15000 lumens using 6500k CFL's = Veg Cycle (18/6)
    40000 Lumens using HPS Lamp + 15000 Lumens using 2700k CFL's = Flowering Cycle (12/12)

    that in theory should work well?

    carl.burnette Well-Known Member

    think these are not HID lights. They're hologen I think. Wrong lights totally. Will give off WAY too much heat.

    From my experience, you can buy 150 watt hps security lights (that's what I used for my first few grows) for around here $100. I use 2 of them in a box. Here's a few pics. You do NOT need to buy a 400 or larger light to grow. Yes you get better results, but as you can see my way works as well. The box is 2X4X4

    I high ly recommend NOT using those lights you show.

    Attached Files:


    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    i think you are right, i didnt enlarge the pics earlier. they do look to be halogen and will be a waste of time and money for growing.

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    no mate. they are definitely MH and HPSV...

    Also, my constant search has also led me to this..... http://www.klite.in/3969.htm and this http://www.klite.in/3960.htm

    "High Bay, integral type, suitable for 400W HPSV/MH lamp, control gear housing made of die cast aluminium, powder coat finish over a chromate conversion coating, suspension by means of specially designed eyebolt, spun anodized aluminium reflector secured to the aluminium body. The luminaire is provided with hinged clear flat glass diffuser with gasket and three stainless steel snap clips for easy relamping. The luminaire is prewired with accessories including ballast and super imposed ignitor and suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply."

    View attachment 2412350 View attachment 2412351

    These are both Wide Beam Reflectors...suitable for indoor environment... what do you guys think?

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    Also, I will be growing in a spare store room in the house. It is not a cupboard, hence the slightly bigger lights.

    the room has its own cieling fan and exhaust fan as well. Also has a window which I can open temporarily for some natural ventilation.

    The room I will be using is around 4' X 5' X 10' height.

    Blackhawk149 Active Member

    man, m from india too, m also looking for HPS lights, where did you find em n how much did they cost?

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    I found them in delhi's largest electrical market mate, cost is 8500 for the fitting and 3000 for each of the bulbs

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    Blackhawk149 Active Member

    Thanks mate :)

    kingfisher021 Active Member


    While chosing the MH/HPSV lamps, what color temprature should I look for?

    For MH I am able to find something which is 4500k, and something which is 5200k but this bulb is very expensive

    For HPSV what should be the ideal color temprature? Also, can someone tell me the difference between SON, SON-T and SON-TP lamps... and what to look for between them?

    Edit: For HPSV, I am mostly able to find SON-T with color temprature of 2000k - is that good? will be really nice if someone can answer this very soon...i need to pick them up tomorrow..
    Thank you,

    kingfisher021 Active Member


    Only have a few more hours to decide....please tell me what color tempratures are good for HPSV and MH Lamps?

    Blackhawk149 Active Member

    Go with a son t and 2000k is fine. And for MH 5000 k wd be better but 4000k wd also do.

    Blackhawk149 Active Member

    dude , i contacted havells sales dealer for a quote of a HPSV/MH setup of 250 watt and these were the prices and even 400watt were not as high as you said, if you haven't bought yet you might wanna reconsider, following are the prices: 1. MHL250T lamp - Rs. 575/- + 14.5% tax 2. HPSV 250T T lamp - Rs. 255/- + 14.5% tax 3. 250W HPSV/MH ballast - Rs. Rs. 850/- + 14.5% tax 4. Ignitor for 70/150/250/400W HPSV/MH - Rs. 135/- + 14.5% tax 5. 250W non integral flood light (FAD1314 + CG1225S) - Rs. 3860/- + 14.5% tax i guess you are going for the integrated ballast hood, i would recommend you against it as it won't allow you to keep the ballast out of your grow area and would add up the heat. regards!

    kingfisher021 Active Member

    Those havells prices are good man, I was looking for an integral fitting since its easier, no multiple wires and connections etc. just plug and play.

    btw, the price i told you was for the k-light fitting, it is quite expensive i dont know why.

    anyway after some more searching, I ended up buying very similar fittings in phillips, they are very good actually, wide light throw, suitable for height as low as 3 meters, and reasonable too.

    Have also found bulbs with the exact color temprature i wanted in 400w - crompton greaves make.

    so my light setup is now complete, have also got nutrients i wanted for the babies when they are born, have already got the seeds in my hands,

    Just hope I am able to germinate them lol

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