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How would I get my growers card?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by FilmoE, Nov 25, 2008.


    FilmoE Active Member

    Im brand new to the whole growing thing and was wondering how I would go about getting my growers card, cause i'd rather not have to worry about the cops quite as much.:wall: so any info you could give me would be great. ahh and if the state matters Im kinda in both oregon and washington.

    peace out:bigjoint:

    ColaFarmer Well-Known Member

    LOL, no offense but this question makes you sound 12... If you are new at growning I don't think a dispensary would want your product. Not trying to be mean just 100% up front with you. But this is not to say one day you couldn't be doing what you want to do. Give it time and get a lot of safe practice.

    Peace :leaf:

    alg007 New Member

    goto normal web site check your local laws goto a doctor now sleep problems something

    FilmoE Active Member

    hmm Im pretty sure neither Washington nor oregon uses dispensaries though I could be wrong. but Im pretty sure it goes from grower to card handler up here. but then again Im just relying on what Ive heard so I could indeed be very wrong.

    ColaFarmer Well-Known Member

    So you want to get a Doctor to say you need it. Then you want to grow your own but then if the cops come you'll be fine?

    Well... Good luck with that. Even if you think it is legal watch out for the FEDS.

    ColaFarmer Well-Known Member

    Well i'm pretty sure they are illegal in WA.

    But, When you get your medical card they give you a large list. If you already have your medical card, call the THCF or, other card providers and ask for an updated list.

    Sorry to RIU for the link to another marijuana site but it will help.

    If you search through this page you will find a lot of people in or around your area that grow and are already doing the stuff you want to do.


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