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how well does MJ weather frost?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ease8, Aug 16, 2008.


    ease8 Active Member

    my outdoor ladies aren't showing sex yet (one has very very small, hard-to-sex preflowers) in the northern midwest US. according to the website they need about 9 weeks of flowering to finish.

    now, granted, there will be some time that could be considered "flowering" where they haven't shown sex yet (when plants go 12/12 for instance, they don't immediately show sex), but i'm still a little worried about having to chop them early.

    now my question: how well does marijuana weather a frost or two? obviously a hard freeze (below 24 degrees) will kill it outright, but can it survive a few light frosts? i want to push my luck as much as possible. also, if it does get frozen, can i still harvest it the next day and dry/cure as normal or is the plant ruined?

    thanks for any help or answers you can provide!

    Zedman Active Member

    Plants Can Grow When It's 0 c Or 32 f Just Fine. It Would Survive A Few Light Frosts, But Anything Close To Zero, And The THC Will Fall Off VERY Easily. If You Had To Let Them Go Till Frost I Would Say Be Very Gentle At Harvest, Bring Them Somewhere Room Temperature, And Let Them Sit A Day Before Trimming And Curing. If You Want Them To Flower Faster Look For Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood...I Use It All The Time And It Forces All Plants Into Flowering Within A Week...If You Can't Get It Fast Enough, Feed It Some Miracle Grow Ultra Bloom.

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Frost isn't a problem..freeze is sometimes..I say that because I grow on a balcony and have had plants out till 2nd week off Dec...you can put the pot (if one) on something..that gets it up from ground level... I'm north of you.. luck

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