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How to tell if seed is male or female? I MAY HAVE THE ANSWER!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Yourztruly, Jun 8, 2010.


    Yourztruly Active Member

    Firstly, I'm pretty new to posting on this forum so hopefully I posted this in the right category.

    I always see this question everywhere, "Can you tell if a seed is male or female?"

    I may have the answer but would like for other growers to please try this out and confirm if it works for them.

    To tell if a seed is male or female, you must first germinate it.
    Once the seed sprouts, you need to look where it sprouted from.

    If the sprout comes out of either the TOP or BOTTOM of the seed, it is a FEMALE.

    If the sprout comes out of either SIDE of the seed, it is a MALE.

    I recently tried this out and I can confirm that it works. I germinated 5 seeds. 2 of them that I planted where sprouted out of the side (male) and the other 3 sprouted out of the top/bottom (female). Out of the 2 seeds that were potentially Male plants, 1 of them has shown sex and it is indeed a male. The other plant hasn't shown sex yet but is very thin and doesn't have many leaves, making me believe that it is indeed another Male.

    Out of the other 3 plants that were potentially female, all 3 have shown sex and guess what, all 3 are Females!!!

    Having said that, this could all be a big coincidence. However, if this turns out to be a fact, then the world of growing has made a huge step forward!

    Now, just to confirm, I am not saying that this is 100% true, although this did work for me.

    Any inputs and personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!!!
    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    I don't germinate in paper towels. Interesting but I think you have just found a coincidence in a small test group. Maybe your strain will do this more often than not but other strains may not.

    It makes a good experiment anyway. Start recording your data.

    Yourztruly Active Member

    That could definitely be very true but would love to see how other people make out with other various strains.

    ryangrudge Member


    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    i have never seen a seed pop from the top or side. maybe just me. and the ones that came out the bottom some were still male.

    Yourztruly Active Member

    I have seen some seeds pop out of the side, in my experiences but never thought to see if it turned out to be male or female.

    As far as out of the top, I just mean out of the "end" of the seed, not the side.
    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    Let's not go from memory though. Start taking notes now. What about hermies?

    Seriously though, I don't think gender plays into the side the root comes from...still, I could be wrong.

    crackerboy Active Member

    I read that you can tell by the shape of the seed. If both ends are pointed than it will be male. if one side has a deep crater than it will be female.

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    I know that the fem seed i just had, had a deep pit on the back end of it.

    Anonymouse Active Member

    My experiences with finding males, vegging for around 5 weeks or putting a clone on 12/12. No other way I know of :)

    [email protected] Member

    I recently read this in a book called ask ed. A reader sent in this to Ed the expert and he tested it and said it was actaully quite an acurate way of determining a male from a female. I have never personally tested this until now but it could be a decent way to predict which seeds to use if your planting bag seeds or other cheap seeds.

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    So the calyxes on a female flower determine sex? That is what would cause the formation of the pit would it not?

    deprave New Member

    very interesting but lets see some more test not just 5 seeds, the only seeds i have are fem ones I made myself but I dont grow from seed anyway so no way to test it for me, my clones keep me at my max plant limit

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