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how to tell if plant was pollinated

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by axisofevil, Aug 2, 2009.


    axisofevil Active Member

    how do i tell if my plant is producing seeds? i had a male growing next to it, and now i dont, but i am hoping that it was pollinated?

    chitownsmoking Guest

    when you see seeds forming

    axisofevil Active Member

    please/// i meant that how to tell when seeds are forming... pre-seed or early seed. LIKE kind of a pregnancy test for women, tells us weeks before we actually see evidence... is there any better answers than that?? im looking for good information!! please

    axisofevil Active Member

    ok it seems that there is a lack of knowledge floating around here, im serious and im a friendly person, but when 2 different people come on here patronizing me, i get a little frustrated.

    first of all, if you cant tell that 'when you see seeds forming' is an antagonistic remark, you yourself must have problems.. should probably focus on focusing on reality a little more

    look, we are not that stupid 'you know seeds are forming when you see seeds forming' ... dont tell me im ungrateful for information. in fact i POSTED this thread looking for USEFUL info, of coarse im grateful for information, im not interested in retards saying the sky is blue, i was wondering if theres real way to tell when/which calyx/if the seeds are forming!!!?? but if theres noone that knows, just DONT SAY ANYTHING, instead of being an asshole to me. i did nothing to you two
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    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    The white hairs turn brown i beleive

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    green as grass

    green as grass Active Member

    nicely said!

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    knock it off. he was just just asking for a more detailed info from other people and you read it wrong. dont try to act tough and bully people. you started it when u misunderstood that one post.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    well, I don't like being a dick.. doesn't make my day or anything, But nothing irks me more than someone asking a question like that and getting a relavent answer and then shitting on the guy who answered.. no wonder all the noobie questions are answered with "look in the FAQ's".. cause when people answer a simple question .. like how can you tell if a plant was pollinated" - with pertinant and accurate information you have a little goof saying the help was useless... and then tell me I need a reality check and I'M being an asshole cause I think it's fucked up that he didn't thank the user who helped him.

    And if buddy just wanted a more detailed answer the appropriate response would sound more like this:

    "thanks, doe anyone else have any input?"
    or.. "well, I understand that but what I was wondering was ........."

    how the fuck did I mis understand "please/// i meant that how to tell when seeds are forming... pre-seed or early seed. LIKE kind of a pregnancy test for women, tells us weeks before we actually see evidence... is there any better answers than that?? im looking for good information!! please"

    seems to me that maybe YOU mis read that.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    i understand where your coming from, i too kinda disliked the way he said it but i believe it was unintentional, it just came out wrong and he meant no disrespect or any rudeness.

    like i said guys.....you just had a little misunderstanding, lets not start a war over it

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    usuall when an ovary gets pollinated its pussy hair withers.

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    The hairs will turn brown and retract towards the calyx,
    then it really is as simple as watching to see if a seed is forming, which can take 4 to 6 weeks.:leaf:

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Why are you being such a dickhead, you went to all that time and trouble harrassing someone for what reason?
    I absolutely hate fuckers like you who turn simple things into hate threads, and this site has way too many people like that.:leaf:

    cowell Well-Known Member

    I'm being a dick head because all I did was mention to dude originally that he got a decent answer and should appreciate the help as it was given- and I was told I was retarded and in a different realm of reality because I thought it important... I just wanted to point out the legitimacy of the answer given and why it bothers me, and actually many many people I've talked to on here - that give alot of their time to help people on here for little more than a rep point or someone saying "awesome thanks for the help"...

    Good, you hate me. You think you're alone in that? I'll still wait for someone to come and tell me in person I have to watch what I say. If you think I give a hairy rats ass that you hate me.. think again.. hate is such a strong word isn't it? How about you just don't like me?

    Asking a dude to give some respect for help given to him is far from me turning anything into a "hate" thread.. but speaking of that... I have a friend whose little sister has Downs, that comment about retards was enough to make me want to be an asshole to him and everyone who wants to come at me about it..asking him be grateful to someone else for their help.

    Other than asking for proper respect to those who actually offer advice on here, I get a response that I am retarded and live in a different reality.. maybe that's where my back went up and my nose outta joint...

    axisofevil Active Member

    BUSINESSSSS *ok so first ignoring this mayhem, on topic, in short i will write my findings. the next paragraph will be explaining those finds..*

    simply, the calyx's that swelled large and fast, are possibly the 'unpollinated' ovary. and the calyx's that do not swell AS fast, or slower than the others, this may be because energy is being focused on making seeds, and swelling comes later, and in larger measures. i do not know how to test this other than visually. and even this is just an idea...(hypothesus)

    i actually clipped off a small bud from the bottom... and i opened up calyxes that looked 'unpollinated' but actually, i found TINY seeds growing, they were about the size of a pinhead. to be sure this wasnt the ovary, i opened up some buds from my other plants that were not pollinated. and found that there is no small pin size seed looking thing inside of it. so i guess i was pollinated. BUT the wierd part is that the calyx's that i pulled off the unpollinated plants were larger, meaning more swelled up, including the hairs orange/dark. so i figured that seed production slows down the calyx swelling until the seed is the thing that is actually pushing it open. but the differences between actually pollinated and not seems like a really shady line for me, like i still dont know what im looking for to determine 'pre-visual' seed growth identification.

    and now onto this whole thing, i really didnt mean anything wrong by saying that, i just dont like being talked down too by peers.(meaning other people)... i certainly didnt mean to get everyone involved, just to kinda nip ignorance in the but.

    its very simple to see that someone who is willing to post 'when you see seeds' in my forum is either joking around(my guess, since i didnt get mad, i just corrected the issue), or actually angry that a seemingly simple question exists here.

    and to understand why he would get angry, think with me...

    someone browsing on the plant problem forums sees 'how to tell if seed is being made' (or w/e) and jumps in there and says 'what a seemingly idiotic question, hes some degenerate n00b' but in all reality, that someone who is dismissing this topic as THAT EASY would be the idiot if they actually reply with a simple answer like that, to me that is... unless they were teasing me, which is fine, i dont mind that.

    but for cowell to get involved and jump into something that has nothing to do with him, except his idealistic version of how forums should work, he comes and starts throwing accusations/words/ideas around, no i dont like that, but cant control it, i only ask dont do it in my forums please..

    im just not that simple, i study biology in college, bioengineering actually. so to me, if noone knows the answer, i will bring some of this shit into the lab, and find the answer myself if it really bothers me(i just might this semester, but dont think the plant will be viable to test after 1 month of sitting since i am on summer break)

    axisofevil Active Member

    THAT picture with the praying mantis on the buds is awesome!! btw

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    You can read and read but nothing beats experience, and experience is hard to explain.
    What I mean, simply, is when you propogate for seeds you can't actually see what's going on inside the calyx, but when you have done it several times you will know.
    And forget about what's his name, cowballs the drama queen, I didn't even bother reading his reply.
    This is a pot forum and there are a lot of people here that dropped school, smoke way too much pot, and dont excersise their brain cells, consequently they talk shit and get over offended by things normal people wouldn't even notice.
    Anyway, good luck with the breeding.:weed:

    axisofevil Active Member

    haha, the ultimate spam, some underage male prostitute soliciting for 15$ !!!! haha

    yeah spiked, you are def correct, the experience is a problem, i have never actually WANTed seeds, lol, until now, when i ordered 150$worth of lowryder2 seeds and want to keep this grow going for generations.

    but thanks spiked, i appreciate that. and also, how do i avoid the seeds dropping? i have worried about this because its growing outside and the wind picks up pretty strongly, maybe i will get a couple stray plants growing around here, haha.

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Good question. You will find most of the seeds still inside the buds, but the best advice I can give is to point you towards one of FDD's tutorials on seed production.
    But 1 thing I can say is to put a plastic garbage bag over the plant you wish to pollenate, cut a hole and put just 1 branch through to pollenate, this way you will still get nice buds on the rest of the plant, and plenty of seeds from the pollinated branch.
    Anyway, here is the link_:weed:

    sirbudmaster Well-Known Member

    wow oh WOW!!! why cant questions just get answered without all this drama.! there is a bit too much smart ass answers here and it only stears people away from asking! people is what keeps this site alive...with out the questions we would have no where to go....TAKE IT EASY and just answer questions resepectfully


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