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how to sneak weed through an airport.. onto a plane and to my destination.?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lilpayaso13, Oct 5, 2008.


    jigfresh Well-Known Member

    My secret is making friends who grow where ever I want to go. No need to bring any... it's waiting at your destination already.

    Either that or buy some off craigslist lol.

    kirob1415 Active Member

    LOL Craigslist

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Hell just go downtown in nearly any city. If you don't have the balls or personality do it then you probably have no business trying to sneak/smuggle/conceal o person in planes, trains or buses. Just my 2 cents worth.

    Thatoneotherkid Member

    Have you seen the body scanners they got in some of those airports now? Haha good luck. And I mean that. Since its an airport, they can search just about anything

    aceboogie! Member

    my friend had the balls to do this on our recent trip to vegas. he triple wrapped the baggie and stuffed it inside a full bottle of body lotion. and put the bottle of lotion in a bag with soap,shampoo, deoderant, etc

    aceboogie! Member

    and he didnt get caught

    aceboogie! Member

    i wouldnt risk my trip by doing that but he did! and we were able to smoke some trainwreck once we arrived to our hotel!

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    For what its worth, I know for a fact military k9 units are trained to smell for rolling papers in a suit case.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    Whenever I travel in the US, I just mail to my destination. I have done it many times, never a hitch! Not worth the risk of having it on you!
    Dagga Boer

    Dagga Boer Member

    A friend of mine flew domestic with a 'bankie' in their baby's nappy! Had no problems. (just rap it well in case the baby shits)

    OLD DUDE Active Member

    Internationally never, within the states, I make hash balls that look like M&Ms and put them in a bag of M&Ms and reseal the bag and have my 82 year old mom carry them in her purse:) jk on the mom part, I throw the bag in my suitcase!

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    Having morals excuses me from using my child as a mule...

    teeo9111 Member

    I got caught about five years ago by TSA,the woman handed the shit back to me and said have a nice day,it was only a quarter oz.and it was a domestic flight. That being said,I can tell you as someone who travels for a living,DON'T TRY IT!!! If you get caught and it is a domestic flight it is no big deal actually because it is a simple possession charge but anyone that tries it on an international flight is a damn fool,I fly internationally at least once a month mostly to Colombia and other south american countries and you will get caught,I know very well how the system works due to my travels and I am pretty sure I know how to beat it but I have also seen the inside of third world prisons and would never have the balls to try it.

    Mail it or just wait until you get there and buy some.

    Malevolence New Member

    Just shave your thighs.

    IGROWLED Member

    This thread reminds me of a story, It may not be on target with the questions but it is pretty damn funny. So years ago in my late teens I was over at a buddies house burning a bowl playing some xbox with some friends. While hanging out my best friend whose apartment we were at tells me that his uncle had just returned from a trip to Jamaica earlier that morning and was supposed to be stopping by his place. A while later there is a knock on the door, Its the uncle stopping by. After a few minutes of him telling us all about jamaica someone jokingly asked if he had scored some smoke while there. He laughs and begin telling us about trying to buy weed in jamaica and the risks involved. He had eventually managed to get a zip of what was supposed to be really good stuff without being arrested. After a few minutes of telling us about the struggle to get someone to sell to him he gets a big grin and asks if anyone wanted to try some of it. We were all a bit shocked he had the balls to smuggle some back with him, He then pulls a small bag (10+/- grams) out of his pocket and loads a bowl. As the bowl is going around the room he remind everybody to make the best of it as the bag would soon be gone. When the pipe gets to me I realize there are only a few ways to get something like that through security, And since he was no smuggler I realized that there was only 1 real possible way. After weighing the chance to smoke genuine Jamaican bud with the reality of where it had been I elected to pass the pipe. My best friend notices that I skipped on the pipe and asks why? I took one look at the uncle and asked "This was up your ASS wasnt it?!" He then proceeds to start laughing and mentions that it being in his ass wasnt the bad part. The real pain was when the bag broke open and he had to fly for hours with a burning itch in his anus and couldnt do anything about it!!! Immediately everyone in the room began gagging, Two ended up spraying vomit over themselves and the carpet.

    This is an entirely True Story and the reason I passed on what we have since dubbed "The Jamaican Ass Weed" I realize this is not an answer to the question this thread was built on, But I could not help but tell the story. Watching that whole scene unfold was truly one of the funniest moments of my life. Moral of the story is use caution and common sense when using smuggled dope!

    Party Member

    I'm gonna be that guy who says this is a baddddddd idea not to mention they have those air sensors fucking everywhere

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