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How to Sell Marijuana The Ligter Side

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by weed4cash, Nov 19, 2010.


    weed4cash Active Member

    How to Sell Weed
    By Weed4Cash

    Wanna sling some bud, and get some fast cash? I finally Cracked the code to a mind-
    blowing money making system that will work for YOU! ​

    Step 1. Find your self a partner. A partner is a good resorce because you can make him do all the dangerious work, like pushing the product and selling, finding the new contacts and getting the word out about your bud.​

    Make sure you get some one stupid. Some one who takes a whole hour to make minute rice is your kind of guy. Tell him the pay sucks at first till he starts to get more customers, but he has what it takes.

    Here is my partner. It's his first week. 17-dollars-now-thats-gangsta-poster.jpg

    Step 2.
    Know your resources.
    If you are going to sell weed then you sure as heck will be sampling it out. So that means you will need some sampling tools of the trade.

    Shhhh...promise you'll only keep this between us...
    You can buy my Drug Dealer Starter Kit for just $49.99. It includes a roach clip as well as many other items you can use for various other drugs you may sell down the road. It will pay for it self in like the first day.


    I 've had the pleasure of meeting some of the most successful dealers of my area, and the number one thing they tell me, is to sell weed, ya gatta have the look.

    Ok, so lets take a look at these four people and you circle the one that is definetly not dressed to sell weed.
    Ok all done?

    sellers 2.JPG
    If you circled the man who is third to the right then you are correct. People will definetly not want to buy weed from the man dressed like that, and I can tell you that from experience!

    If you haven't experienced the thrill of being a dealer, then you are about to learn that half the fun is what you wear.
    Some clothes will help you stand out as a dealer more then others.
    drug dealer.jpg

    but for the not so obvious approach, I would start with a flashy pare of shades.
    shades done.JPG
    shades 1.jpg

    Now this is GQ drug dealing!

    If you have the cash to spend, I would invest in some nice weels that really speak your business.
    These beasts are what a deal would normally drive:
    my ride.jpg my ride 2.jpg my ride 3.jpg

    Consistent sellers need to purchase a set of flashy wheels, and that's it! No matter what your car, all you need to replace is your standard weels with a set of these and you are good to go!

    If you can't yet fit a car into your budget (and I understand where you are at, because I was there once too) you can always start with a bike. I've been sitting on this nasty little discovery for the last 5 years. The idea with a bike is that you have to really give it the additude.

    additude will make any thing you own much cooler!

    This system so revolutionary, it could forever change the way selling is defined! But first let me tell you - There is a bit of risk here. I'm not putting on any sugarcoats (and you'll soon understand!) when I tell you there is that chance this kind of a business could cost you some things:
    Like dura72 says: find a good lawyer and practise relaxing ur sphincter muscle. just in case.

    If you are willing to take some risk, just like in any business out there, then I have what it takes to get you going and keep you there. But I can't share it all on here or every one would know.

    This kind of system would normally go for thousands but...
    For two easy payments of just $49.99 and one hard payment of $299 I will share over 20 of the worlds top dealer secrets.

    If you haven't experienced the thrill of making consistent MONEY, it's time to purchase Dealers Greatest Secrets Revealed kit. Now for a limited time, I am offering the lastest enhanced version of this incredible kit.

    Act now!

    For just an extra $39.99 I will stealth ship your kit.

    Otherwise with out stealth shipping, your package will arrive at your door like this:

    dealer kit2.JPG

    Special Thanks to:
    dura72 Reps to you man, for being real about this stuff too! Thats some good advice you be shouten out bro. We need to watch that stuff for sure. Good tips from some one who has been there. Thanks!

    pilgram Well-Known Member

    step#1 get someone real stupid to sell my bud ...check..hey can i ask you somethn

    DSB65 Well-Known Member

    Call it....... Selling weed for dummies

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    A tutorial on selling weed?


    If you need a tutorial, you should not sell.

    If you write a tutorial, you have never sold.

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    step #2 never give credit, not even to ur brother or best friend becoz if u do ur gonna spend each friday chasing around town listening to the same story about how the atm swallowed there card, ther bank hit them for overdraft charges, it was their mums birthday, or there wooden leg needed waxed. u will end up with no cash and you'll smoke all your stash just to block out the grind of their plaintive whining.
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    dura72 Well-Known Member

    step #3 do not go to parties with lots of 'product' on you in the hope you'll make a fortune . u won't. you will get wasted, forget who you gave credit to and have pablo escabare fantasies where you end up acting the big shot by giving every fucker inna house a smoke at your gear for fuck all. u also may wake up naked in a hedge after being spiked and ripped off.

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    step #4 never give customers ur home address only ur cellphone number and switch it off b4 bed time. customers believe that if they're up and partying at 5 am then so should their dealer. this means you. they will whistle and shout thru your letterbox beliveing that their being stealthy. they're not. they're wasted weaving around your front door and shouting into your hallway which has for all fundemental purposes became a fuckin echo chamber. cops may be stupid but not fuckin blind.

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    step#5 remember that anyone you trust enuff to know your sellin will also tell anyone they trust enuff to tell who will in turn tell anyone that they trust so on and so forth. this means in 2 weeks every halfwit, fuckwit and nitwit in the fuckin district will know.

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    step # 6 find a good lawyer and practise relaxing ur sphincter muscle. just in case.

    wannaquickee Well-Known Member

    ^ all hours of the night? if you dont then youre not a dealer ha!

    moash New Member


    codeine.420 Active Member


    do not put anyone down because of this post and your hate and humor over this online post positive impact remember that guys. This person is just wanting more information away from where he lives you don't need street knowledge to successfully sell :leaf:.


    here is a quick guide to selling small amounts of :leaf: while growing or buying under the federal limit for your state.


    Many of you guys talked about the legal troubles about selling bud but knowing between state level crime and federal level crime is important to avoid getting hard time for something that should be legal anyways , The risks are in every individual place i can't tell you more but to look at your states laws on bud but in my state it is a state crime for no more than 5lbs if you have more processed bud it becomes a federal crime and the 2 year max sentence is voided and you might get a 5 year max sentence instead and it's federal so know the differences


    You either grow or buy large amounts of bud start with medium grade and learn the common street prices vs logical price (homegrown weed) is the best route to go this way you cut off the suppliers and you don't need to get ripped off and this also enables you to make your own prices take this route (for street buyers) this way is okay not many of us start with growing gear but make sure you find a friend whom isn't shady or allows you to come in and weight the bud in his home and he will become your supplier for decades


    growers should know the friends who buy from them more than common street dealers and remember growers there is the (99) plant limit above that amount it becomes federal and your 5 year max sentence is voided and you will go to federal prison instead of state prison.


    NOTICE: Since marijuana is sold by individuals the price changes but there is an established standard in the place you live also note that small amount of weed is sold by the bag and large amount of weed is sold by the weight this is how selling weed became profitable in the first place.

    Regi / Tex - Mex / shawg: (avoid) [250-500$] per 454g
    Korn / Mids / Medium Grade: (buy) [ 800-1000$] per 454g
    High Grade / Droskie / Kind Bud: (grow) [2000$-3000$] per 454g


    In order to sell marijuana a scale is a tool that is required. There are many scales get one that measures by the tenth of a gram and make sure its digital we don't live in the rock age no more. Make sure you know what is the max weight possible to weigh find one with a 100 - 1000 gram limit.

    What to do once we have the large amounts of Marijuana?


    You have to do some math to divide the bags for sale a lot of people think this is a bad idea but if you work out of your home you want to have the marijuana already bagged for sale. To see happy faces put the right amount in each bag start by putting it in a (COLORED) 1 x 1 zip lock bag for medium grade i would put (2) grams in each 1 x 1 zip lock and charge 10$ for each since it is "bud weight" no seeds or stem. If you bag it like this you should have (225) [10$] sacks if you have [454g] of bud and the profit for selling 2,250 -2,500$ total.


    This can be worth the effort but i believe the extra charge of distribution isn't going to change anything but make the court believe your guilty of possessing the marijuana. But anyways if your doing it this way you will want to have a digital scale away from the marijuana supplies and have the marijuana in one large bag. so every time someone calls to come over you will need to wait and take there order when they come by your house or meeting spot. Than go to the stash and bag up the amount they ordered use common household plastic wrap and keep all that away from the huge bag of marijuana. This method are for folks who want to keep it low key.


    You must be asking yourself how do i know if i'm making profit this is how it works you are making profit when you are doubling the cash amount for example you brought 28grams for 80$-100$ you made [14] Ten dollar bags and you will make 140$ total this is not doubling the only way you will double your amount is if you buy in larger amounts and sell in small amounts.


    If you ever heard the song trouble from Lil Boosie you already know what i'm talking about. Many of you guys were talking about getting shot or killed i laughed a little and some actually thought the sale of marijuana is something done in high crime rate places. But the truth is the sale of marijuana is noting negative but it is the appearance you present and the individuals you either call "your clients or friends" to avoid "trouble" the simple rules are listed below follow these rules to avoid "trouble"


    1. Never Pack Guns: I know many of ya like movies and see drug dealers pack guns on the news but be real you are a human in society wanting to get by leave these out of the mist, marijuana and guns never go hand to hand , and they might just give you a federal charge ( leave the guns else where)

    2. read psychology: if you are getting into selling marijuana reading psychology will make you learn new things about humans and why they brag or show off if you sell marijuana the traits i told you about are moral and might just sink you so knowing psychology and understanding people can help you avoid the bad type the more neutral you are with everything the more smooth everything comes out. Talking about illegal things aren't pleasant but talking about the good times of weed is :D

    3. Don't talk about selling marijuana in person: i found this one ironic ha but its true nobody wants to hear about selling weed. Embrace the culture but avoid any talk about supplying and so on keep everything clean.

    4. Keep the culture low key: many of you guys love the culture but you have to keep this at bay if your selling marijuana you just need to remain in the 80% percent of society to remain undetected. You also want to not embrace culture with strangers this stuff is logical

    5. Sell only to friends and to friends of friends and family: this one is true have you ever watched the news or read something on the internet about a bust most than likely it was because of a outsider with a big mouth

    ( if anyone has more to add please do )


    undercover agents are easy to spot ( they can't use bud ) make sure you know who a smoker is and someone who just wants to buy to resale there is a slim chance the person buying to resale might be a undercover because he doesn't like smoking but just selling keep an eye for these folks and void it if it gets to the point that this person only wants to buy marijuana to resale. ( imformats ): these people are hard to spot there people who buy from you whom have been caught the only way to catch these people is to question them but remember the less they embrace marijuana and the more they do the more you can trust. but prevention is key find friends call them friends and never put the sale of marijuana primary to any conversations you have.


    this is a problem when you embrace "trapping / the sale of drugs / brag big mouth talk" many people believe you get robbed for showing your stash but if you have been to your friends house and the people who you sale to you know there personal lives they won't rob you or think about it and plus they have no reason to since you hook them up with noting but bud karma has something to relate to this one since if you hookup decent or fat people will love you avoid the haters there the ones who will try to rob you.


    believe it or not the way you are effects your friends whom will soon buy from you keeping a clean house and not having guns and dope in plain sight is important so keep yourself clean guys.



    In order to sell marijuana you will need to meet friends ,one smoker knows at least ten other smokers its like a small family whom packs in together so if this friend says your bud is great and had a decent or above experience with you and your stuff he will tell his other trusted smoker buddies about you and that's where you find your $$$..

    you meet friends everywhere but hang out first not everyone is 420 friendly present yourself as a smoker (never as someone who can sell them marijuana or Street dealer this is where the police get there enforcement) the worse the person can do is call you a pot head and say i don't smoke weed.

    But once you meet the correct friends make the selling process simple for them by selling it by price not by weight and offering special's and they will come back for more



    we all know you are doing something illegal and many think the sale of marijuana is serious because of "trouble" and "police" but remember with some humor and knowledge and prevention can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment , if you are the paranoid type this type of work isn't for you and if you take this as a primary source of income don't the money is not solid like employment


    its important to have a real job you can't live on drug money alone ,well you can but its not good having solid income is Very good why? because selling marijuana is a slow process you might earn no more than 50,000$ a year from it alone but with the combo of job / selling = a 100,000 max income a year this means you will get about 2,000,000.00 in twenty years


    like i said it isn't a fast process its one of the slowest there is to date and you don't earn fast cash its like any other business where you start slow and make a come up but if you feed in into this type of thinking you aren't gonna get no where remember in school they said ( think before you do) that's what i'm applying here and this job is taken slowly ( waiting for people) is better than waiting 2 year behind bars so wait guys WAIT for things , because im sure robbers and cops don't like to wait , so be wise and not embrace this type of stuff that's why people laughed at you when you said ( safe way )


    There is no 100% safe way but you can always limit the risks by cutting down the suppliers and growing and selling to friends people you know , and living a life with no other crimes if you do other crimes selling and growing isn't for you. Be safe earth i hope this guide has served many information which is hidden out of plain sight and help many.
    and guys avoid other substances its not worth it just stay green and last long and never take selling bud serious i have seen a friend take it seriously before and you can't ,


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    Doctor.Dank Active Member

    I have no idea why someone would want to learn how to sell weed it doesn't make sense. Just get a real job instead of just trying to profit off of our f-ed up government.

    Mr.Marijuana420 Well-Known Member

    honestly im pretty sure it was a joke, come on a drug dealer starter kit, it gave me a good little laugh
    Guitar guy

    Guitar guy Active Member

    Can I borrow your book so I can get the money to buy it?

    Nullis Moderator

    LOL to anybody who thinks undercover law enforcement officers cannot or will not use drugs.

    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    do you accept visa?

    sprintingsnail Member

    heres's 8 business tips from George Jung and Bruce Perlowin-two guys who made over 100 milllion each smuggling weed

    Tips From George Jung

    1.Pick The Low Hanging Fruit.Don’t make selling weed difficult. Do What Jung did. He began by selling to his friends to make a little extra side cash because he knew and trusted them. It is probably the best way to begin.
    2.Take Advantage of an Opportunity When You See One.
    3.Think Big, Then Go Big.
    4.Be Persistent Don’t Ever Give Up.

    Tips Learned From Bruce Perlowin
    1.Have Respect For The People You Work With.
    2.Blend In To You Surroundings (Or Just Don’t Stand Out).
    3. Do Your Research.
    4. Surround Yourself With Good People.

    for detailed details check out..how to sell weed tips from 2 marijuana entreprenuers

    ryan1918 Well-Known Member

    wow, haha this shit made me laugh my ass off.

    blacksun New Member

    /facepalm @ everyone that took the topic creator seriously. I know sarcasm and satire is hard to detect through text but ffs, that's pretty blatant....

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