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How To Roll The Cross Joint

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by HoppusTheCaveman, Oct 5, 2008.


    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    I've been asked multiple times to post how to do this, and I finally went and did it. Only thing is that it's just Paint pictures, and they're a little crappy. It gets the point across pretty much though. I'll probably end up making a better one with real pictures sooner or later. So here it goes.

    If you're really serious about making this piece of art, please do take your time in making it. You need plenty of patience to make this look/work well. So again, I advise you to go slow with this, especially if you are a novice roller.

    1) You're going to need 3 things for this creation. #1 being weed of course!! #2 would be rolling papers. Whatever you prefer of course. Now the #3 thing is anything remotely pointy to make the hole in the larger joint so you can stick the smaller one in.

    2)Take two papers, and roll up two joints. One SIGNIFICANTLY thinner than the other. If they're about the same size, then you won't get them to cross succesfully, therefore making a bad cross joint. You don't want that do ya? No, no you don't.

    3)Now with your mystery object, you are going to make a hole in the fat joint going all the way through about the same size as the thinner joint. Maybe even a little bigger so it fits through better, but not TOO much bigger. If you aren't careful, you'll end up with the top end falling off....which is not good at all. Now with the thinner joint, cut/tear the middle of it VERY GENTLY so as not to rip it completely in half. You also want to make this slit very small as well so it doesn't rip in half when you put it through the other joint.

    4)Now that you have the hole in the fat joint, stick the thinner joint in it and gently(so as not to rip it in half) push/pull it through until the joint is sticking out about evenly on both sides. When you have that done wi- DON'T light it up just yet!! There's still one more thing you have to do. Take another paper, and cut off the sticky part with scissors. Wet it and then wrap it around where the joints intersect to make it secure, and so it's airtight.

    5)Now that you have an absolutely bodacious cross joint, go get some absolutely bodacious friends to help you light it up and help smoke it all. Enjoy!! :bigjoint::mrgreen::bigjoint::eyesmoke:
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    UnderPhire Well-Known Member

    haha sweet thanks for the guide bro. I was in borders the other day and they had a doobie making 101 book with this in it.

    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    no prob dude :joint:

    VansStoner1748 Well-Known Member

    awesome thanks man. Does it burn funky when it gets to the cross part?

    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    not really. it's just like smoking a regular joint for the most part.
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    bigbadjean Active Member

    hey man what did you use to make the hole i tryed alot of stuff and it always fucks up my fatty joint so i end up smoking the small one to calm down

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    yea I don't feel like smoking but I want to mess around...I'm rolling a cross joint for tomorrow! thanks +rep
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    jinmaster Well-Known Member

    I just googled to learn this weeks back :D, norm my main joint part is longer (king size) and i use 1 skin for the cross, when spaced properly it burns perfectly to the middle section then carries on down.

    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    first, I kinda poked a little hole in it with scissors, then stuck an allen wrench through. that seemed to work fine for me.

    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    good luck, and thanks!! =D
    Deew Lover

    Deew Lover Active Member

    That was awesome!

    RetiredToker76 Well-Known Member

    Damn and I thought that was just some fiction BS from Pineapple Express...
    I learned something today. +Rep
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    theplantkiller420 Active Member

    why couldnt you just cut the small j in half then put a hole in the paper right where you want the cross to sit on the j, then wrap it like you said to make it air tight. prob be simpler than trying to shove it through the fat j

    HoppusTheCaveman Well-Known Member

    this is true. this did go through my mind though.

    ForgottenSol Active Member

    Thanks man, I had to roll one up after see this.

    KPxxx Member

    I googled how to roll a cross joint, came up with a few ways, then I found this and gave it a try, mine chuffed up when it came to the cross part n the end fell off lol the left side burnt a lot quicker then the other points, think i need a bit of practise 2 get it perfect, but on the whole was pretty awesome!!

    A couple of demonstration videos I watched on how to roll the cross joint, used 2 long bits of roach that were pushed into the toke part of each splif and then joined, looked huge!! Might give it a go...
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    What man? If it can be dreamed it can be done, but I'd put 2 holes in the cross. I've also seen it done where the small joint was actually two joints.

    Just look at the number of view on this thread!
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    for chokes

    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    am i the only one thinking that's gonna smoke like shit?

    you can't just push a small joint through the big joung and make a cross.

    have you ever tried toking a joint by sucking on the side of it, same principal.

    you'll either have to have a hole going through the center of the smaller joint which aligns with the direction of the tube of the larger joint, to allow air to be drawn through the two side smokes.

    in the past i've always done it in that manner, except you cut the small joint in half, cut away a hole of paper in each side of the big joint, and then the two small pieces literally touch the tobacco of the large joint, and then get's rizzlad down.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    i bet wetting the bit you want to make the hole in a little would prevent tearing it up...

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