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How to Roll a Hunny Blunt?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by puffinsmoove, Mar 20, 2008.


    puffinsmoove Active Member

    I'm New to the forums. and i know this isn't cooking it but this blunt will burn slow and taste great!!

    things needed: Optimo or Swisher Sweet Cigar
    at least 10 bucks of Canibus

    Step 1

    Cut the Blunt Down the Middle and Remove the Excess tabacoo
    Step 2

    Get the Blunt and The Honey it should look like this

    Step 3
    Apply a little bit of Honey to the tip of the Spoon and spread it evenly across the whole inside of the blunt not soaked but evenly coated

    Step 4

    If Dont correct the whole blunt should look like this

    Step 5

    Now Place it in the Microwave for 10 Seconds and Boom!! your done

    Now put the weed in it
    twist it
    and the honey will be useful when closing the blunt
    dry with a lighter
    and then


    petejonson Well-Known Member

    ever heard of a "honey dutch"

    MoutainPeeps Active Member

    Optimo greens is my leaf of choice

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