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How to remove redness in eyes without visine

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Pr0Chris, Nov 2, 2009.


    Pr0Chris Member

    Hey guys, I thought id share the way i clear up my eyes without visine. Basically, I just rub my eyes when they are red(as if they were itchey), then about 15 minutes later, my eyes clear up. Im not sure how it works(something to do with tear production maybe?) Give it a try! :bigjoint:

    leeny Active Member

    hmm... then ouch... then hmmm I'll probably end up trying this one day lol :]
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    Sounds like this could easily cause eye injury. Which is seriously my no. 1 fear. I wear sunglasses constantly due to this, and when I drive with the windows down at night, I wear clear protective goggles. Go ahead and flame me.

    One more thing: to you contact wearing dudes + chicks, I can't imagine the pain of having something sitting ON YOUR EYE all day. It's a little piece of rubbery stuff you put on your eye all day? I can't imagine that. If I went to hell, I'm sure they would make me wear contacts.

    Priscilla420 Guest

    Actually, wearing contacts isn't painful at all. You can't even feel them in your eye.. I sometimes forget I'm wearing mine.

    newb985 Well-Known Member

    Haha not tryna talk shit man but how the hell are you gonna drive a car with protective goggles? I guess the sun glassese I can understand but goggles? lol

    Wikidbchofthewst Well-Known Member

    So...rubbing your eyes....that's what you'd recommend? :neutral:

    ...... Well-Known Member

    Another proven method I used to use was you dump bleach in a mop bucket,Submerge your head,Open eyes for five seconds and let the redness be gone.

    saynotothebs Well-Known Member

    pluckem out then wash them with soap and water...dont go cheap on the soap either...i knew a guy that did this method...he used safeguard said it made him itchy...

    jwn Well-Known Member

    Roto for the win

    purplekitty7772008 Well-Known Member

    lmao. this thread made me laugh.

    so far i've got
    -rub ur eyes, until they turn red, then wait for them to clear up
    -take ur eyes out and wash them with soap (not the cheap stuff)
    -get a bucket of bleach water, stick ur head in and open ur eyes.

    oh shit.


    Johnny Retro

    Johnny Retro Well-Known Member

    He speaks the truth..rohtos*

    hempcurescancer Guest

    yea that is a good way, for me closing my eyes for a while is a good way too, but back when I actually had to worry about that, visine was still tops

    Louis541 Well-Known Member

    Try this. Stay with me here. What you need to realize is bloodshot eyes don't mean that you're high. It means you got smoke in your eye. The reason that happens is your eye isn't getting enough oxygen.

    Next time you smoke, lay down on your back, and point your junk up and pee into the air.
    Now, aim that stream so that it hits you in the eyes. Your pee has all the nutrients you need, and peeing up makes sure that it gets thoroughly oxidized.

    After you try it OP, come back, and tell me you don't feel refreshed and clear eyed.

    Cakk Member

    Make sure you wear em all the time or ppl will kno somethings up if you come home with em on lol. :leaf:

    NinjaToke Active Member

    a former co-worker said he'd piss on his feet for athlete's foot. Its a cure all!

    Louis541 Well-Known Member

    It also works for jellyfish stings. ;)

    shadow420 Active Member

    same with fireweed stings
    indy kuh

    indy kuh Active Member

    Same with crabs

    TheBluntGuy Member

    How to swap red eye's for black eyes. Get punched in the nose by someone who can throw a punch :P just throwing the jokes around haha

    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    Since I have bad allergies. I usually mow the lawn, weed whip, or take a walk down a very dusty road...Clears them shits right up:)

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