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How to put clones in DWC setup?

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by TheGreenThumbNewb, Jan 24, 2010.


    TheGreenThumbNewb Active Member

    I'm a little confused as to how to put clones into a DWC setup. I have an aero cloner knockoff which I'll do my clones in, but they will be all exposed roots and no rockwool if I understand it correctly.

    When the clones are ready to start in a DWC setup, do I just feed the roots through the mesh pot and try to stand the plant up, surrounding with hydroton rocks?

    Or do I somehow have to put into rockwool prior to putting in a DWC setup? This is what I'm confused on...

    Thanks for any input.

    ReeferChiefer361 Active Member

    im not understanding whats wrong with rockwool? do you just not have any, are you not trying to use any or is there something specific you are trying to do without? either way ive done a few with rockwool and a few without. i used jiffy starter plugs (soil) and put in a meshpot surrounded by hydroton and just watered daily until the roots reached the nutrient mix. worked perfectly fine for me. if your clones have taken root you can try to get the roots of your babies through the mesh and surround with hydroton, but you may need to tie your clone to the mesh pot for support in the early stages. again this is just imo and based upon my experiences. but its way easier if you just go with rockwool or some sort of starter plug. hell if your hurting you can use a sterile kitchen sponge.. again thats if your desperate. it works though. be creative, imagination will take you far and work wonders in this wonderful world of botany.

    TheGreenThumbNewb Active Member

    Basically, the cloner I have doesn't use rockwool, but the clones just sit in the inserts that came with it and grow(stem hanging down in aero chamber).. Then I have to put the clones into my DWC setup which will be a 5 gal bucket. I was confused on if I had to use rockwool, ( i have a bunch of oasis cubes) or if I just feed the little roots down through the mesh and somehow stand it up.

    I think you answered it though when you mentioned tying it up for support. I guess that is how I will try to do it. Thanks!

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    Just put the rooted clones into hydroton in your net cup and they will grow through down to the rez
    You can just use straight hydroton in the net cup just fine

    razoredge Well-Known Member

    for baby clones I like to use neoprene pucks as its reusable, and cheap. It works perfectly to hold them in place..
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    TheGreenThumbNewb Active Member

    Thanks, that is what I needed to know. :leaf: Happy tokin.

    TheGreenThumbNewb Active Member

    I think this is what I have in my aero cloner, the neoprene pucks but i'm not sure..

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    Yes I would think you are using neoprene disks in your aero cloner as most of the aero cloners use them

    SanibelGreen Active Member

    Hydrotron :)

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    cant he just leave them in the pucks from the cloner and put hydrotn around them?

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    There is no point to leave the neoprene disks on, the hydroton will hold the plant up in the net cup
    And I would guess that he would need the disks for the cloner

    TheGreenThumbNewb Active Member

    Exactly. The cloner only came with 24 of those disks and all the holes would need to be covered up in the cloner after using or I'd have open holes where light would shine down and the aero sprinklers would be spraying water out of the tote.

    SanibelGreen Active Member

    correct sir


    lbhydro Member

    I just put them straight in hydrotron rocks in a net cup. The trick is to raise the water level in the DWC so that the net pots actually sit in the water a half inch - inch (depending on how deep you set the roots). This allows the small roots to get water and nutients while they get established. When roots start comming out of the bottom and sides of the net pot you can drop the water level below the net cups. For new clones you'll want a ppm of about 400-500 ppms with a ph of 5.5- 6.0. Give them about a week to get their legs and start really growing. At this point you can raise the ppms to 500-600 and your off.

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