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how to properly use rockwool cubes

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dunn7314, Mar 22, 2013.


    dunn7314 Active Member

    Hi I have just started germinating my seeds and once the root shows I am going to put them in to rockwool cubes once there there what do I do as in

    How to soak the the cubes
    Where or how to put them in a propagator correctly and how to keep it humidity up its heated
    How long to keep the seedlings in there before putting them in new pots and under mh 400w bulb
    And a clear understanding of the temperature of too high with light on and off like max and min please help first timer
    My strains are white widow and blue lemon thai dunno if this will help any info on water and ph would be great on seedlings


    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    You don't want to soak the cubes. You want to keep them moist. All you do is pour a LITTLE water over them. You can leave them in the rockwool for the entire grow. You can put them under a HID light as soon as the first two sprout leaves show. 70-80F is a good temperature range.

    dunn7314 Active Member

    Say my grow room gets to say 86 will that still be ok and do I keep the seedling in the propagator under my mh light for a few days and gradually take the dome off and when do I put the plant in to pots

    scubatc Well-Known Member

    Ive had my grow room up to 119F for an entire day and it didnt harm them (fan failure) 86F will be fine just not "preferred" Id be careful to get any warmer though.Def wait a few days like 2shim said to bring up your HID or youll fry em. If you got some CFL'S put those about 3 inches away for a couple days then your HID about 12 inches away depending on your cooling.

    VX420 Active Member

    Put the Rock Wool in the trash and put the seeds in some soil.. IF you want to go HYdro, simply wash the roots off after the plants has rooted in soil and off you go.
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    dunn7314 Active Member

    Will a 9w cfl be ok and thanks alot to all that has posted

    AimAim Well-Known Member

    9 watts is pretty puny. I'd want a minimum of 1 23 watt per 2 seedlings.
    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    best use rookwool or water for cuts, if going hydro, as the less you mess with the roots the better, the plant will be vs washing soil out

    KoonDawg Member

    Balance the ph level of the rockwool is a must. Several types of Rockwool Conditioner out there if you choose to go that route. Very easy to drown seedlings in rockwool also. Peat Plugs work the best, imho.

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    All I run is rockwool product and its great!

    Soaking rock before use will stabilize the medium, you can just plunk and go but I ph balance my water to 5.5 a day before use as recommended.

    Propergator? Do you mean ez-cloner style or bubble cloner? With an ez-cloner I have eliminated the 2 inch rooting cubes. Once you have roots in the cloner, remove from the neoprean inserts and plant right into 4 inch cubes. I consider this the start of my veg.

    Using 4 inch cubes will allow you full term if thats your game, but a drip system is in order if you plan on this. Will they be going onto a rockwool slab or another medium?

    Keeping your temps in line 72-78 will go a long way in helping new seedlings so a smaller light for the babies is recommended, a simple 23 watt cfl will be enough to get you through the rooting process.

    Flower room temps ideally should be 72-78ish with R/H of 40% or lower. Co2 will allow an increase in temps like to 90.
    Veg room temps ideally should be 68-82ish with R/H of 40-60%

    They will take a wider range for sure but if you can keep within these boundries you ward off a bunch of issues.

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