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How to properly use a humidity dome?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by smokajoe, Mar 22, 2012.


    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    LOL so whats up RIU? So today a friend of mine gave me some cuts of blueberry, anyways I have 6 total and I placed them in the humidity dome 4/6 look nice. the other 2 well they look very droopy? How do I properly use a humidity dome? What should be done for the droopers?

    Also to give a few details:

    the "clones" are rooted in rapid rooters and had a decent amount of roots, I have placed those in 4 inch rock wool cubes.

    So anyways should I dip the rock wool in water and then place back in and replace dome?

    Any other methods?

    Oh and finally are these even worth it, last grow I simply sat in a window seal to start my seedlings.

    babysas Active Member

    if they are rooted you shouldn't need the dome...
    easy way to water rockwool..is to get 2 10"x20" trays...put holes in one...
    fill the other with water/nutes ...keep the babies in the tray with holes and dunk it in the one full of water/nutes...
    feed like hydro...ph around 5.8...

    or you can just rock the clones in soil.....
    i think clones are the only way to fly...over seeds...

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    ya thats what I was thinking! So ya like I said out of the 6 blueberries 4 had some roots out of the fast rooter, so those have been transplanted into the 4 inch rock wool, so you say no hood? Just let them veg for 24/0 for a few days then throw them under the big light?

    Eitherway since roots were present in the rapid rooters, no more top? Why would they advise me to do that? Also when do you actually use the dome, only on fresh cuts?

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    So RIU dome them one more day (can this cause harm?). Also a few of them look amazing while a few look quite droopy, is this normal being new cuttings and all, for the droopers, dome or no dome, the non droopers too?
    The Growery

    The Growery Active Member

    yeah some will droop others will stay perky that's normal. I keep the dome on until they all look perky at which point they don't need the dome any more. look the new growth on eac clone to be growing almost vertical, that's when I know the roots have established.

    mrmarcusdaballa Active Member

    I clip dip and dome for 7-10 days then put into medium...some droop but that could be a good thing if there is a branch by were it droops cause that branch might become another top practically producing 2 whole plants on 1...but yea after clones root no more dome..good luck

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    well update I left the domes off overnight a few did not like it and are wilted...........

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    The purpose of the dome is to create hi humidity. This is necessary prior to a clone taking root, because the only way a clone can get moisture is through its leaves. Once rooted you want to force the issue and make the roots do the work. I always see some signs of wilting on cuttings some worse than others and it always occurs right before roots start to the point where the roots are well established. I do my cloning in dirt, but the transition from stick with leaves to plant is the same with or without soil.

    Remember continued exposure to stale, hi humidity air will lead to mold and or fungus.

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