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How to properly " Flush" ur plant

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ryeguy, Nov 1, 2008.


    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    Ive seen so many posts posted about how to properly flush so here it is the PROPER way to flush:

    Use plain water...using this leaches out extra nutrients salts for better tasting pot. U will notice as u flush the excess salts fan leaves will get lighter (yellow) ...
    Add enough fresh water to tottally saturate the medium. Once medium is soaked ..wait 5 minutes to allow fresh water to dissolve the leftover nutes....
    Once the first dose has fully dissolved those unused nutes..its time to add the second and final dose in the flushing process...Second dose should be equal to the physical volume of the container ur growing in.....For Ex. if ur growing in 1 gallon bucket ...u want to add atleast 1 gallon of fresh water for the second dose....the more the better during the second dose- within reason-.......doing the flush in this 2 step process further dissolves ALL excess nutrients salts...same idea as stepping a tea bag...the longer u let it sit in the water the more the tea will take from the bag!.....If ur flushing a soil medium consider this`~.....Organic soils are the food for the plant, so you can never really get rid of all the nutes away from ur plants root system......soo ull need to time things carefully..flush within 24 hours of harvest...u need to harvest when roots are still in fresh water ..For Ex. if we flush than wait for a few days to harvest the roots will have enuff time to begin feeding the plant again...generally 2 weeks of flushing is going to provide thorough a flush as you can expect...if ur plants leaves are all ready yellow from lack of nitrogen..theres no need to flush for 2 weeks ..but if ur plant is fulll in life nd still green flush for 2-weeks....ALWays harvest in the dark at the end of 12 hour night cycle..u do this because the plant is pulling up nutes when the lights are on...when flushing take off a branch taste the liquid coming out the end of the branch..if its bitter its not ready for harvest..but if it tastes clean almost like water than ur ready for harvest...IF U FOLLOW THESE STEPS CAREFULY UL HAVE GOOD TASTING POT ND AN EVEN BETTER HIGH>>>>HAPPY SMOKIN:peace::blsmoke::joint:

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    good info just want to say i recently read an artical that states a lower ph will flush mor effectivly:peace::joint:

    +rep 4 you puting info out their

    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    thanks man nd yea id previously read somethin like that too..not to sure y they said that thoo HAPPY SMOKIN BUDDAY

    nell89 Member

    thanks for the info. just this is causing me a great deal of trouble. used a shitty soil mix and i grew in a 6gal pot so flushing with 22 litres takes like literally an hour to do considering the drainage... any thoughts?? or am i stuck dealing with this? im 30 days in so i got some time.

    Dannysayo Active Member

    Just do a 1week flush of only using regular water. You will notice the difference in color in your plant when its nutrition is gone or low

    Figong Well-Known Member

    If it were me, I'd do a re-mix of the soil and toss in perlite for aeration and drainage... but you'd have to be careful depending on how strong the roots are so you don't go busting them up.

    nell89 Member

    thanks guys. think im a little too far gone for a re-mix. just have to flush a little longer when the time comes i guess.

    333maxwell Active Member

    About compacted roots like yours.. Water from the bottom up.. at least every other few times.. let it sit and soak it up for a bit.. .. Just make sure to let it dry out nicely between times.

    nell89 Member

    i have a net pot at the bottom of the pot. The net sits the soil up about 3 inches from the bottom of the 6gallon pot.

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