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How To Prevent Spider Mites?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Kolchak420, Dec 10, 2010.


    Kolchak420 Active Member

    I'm a new grower about to start my first grow. And I've read horror stories about spider mites.

    So, how does one prevent spider mites from infesting an indoor grow room? Are there any non-poisonous spray-on products that would do the trick without harming the plants? Is there a certain grow room temperature that will deter spider mites, while also allowing plants to thrive?

    If it matters, my grow room is an upstairs bedroom closet. The bedroom is carpeted, and I have 2 small dogs running around up there all the time. But the closet itself is off limits to the dogs, and the closet has no carpeting.

    On an aside note, if spider mites are so bad for plants, then how does anyone do an outside grow with success? It seems like there would be no way to prevent or even control spider mite damage on an outside grow.

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    Mites don't like some strains. Like Iranian strans from Dr. Greenthumb, etc.

    I'm starting to use companion planting with chives and coriander, etc...which mites run from. I'm also putting a little peppermint oil in my waterings.

    I bought an organic flea collar, impregnated solely with oils...some are mite repellant...I cut the collar into short pieces to hang in plants. I left the buckle end long enough to make a ring to lay on the soil at the base. So far so good, and I'm in mite city.

    Some dispensaries ask their growers to use Zero Tolerance, if necessary. It's organic.

    IXOYE Active Member

    Does cedar prevent spider mites? I too am in "mite city" and am preparing for their return when the winter ends. I purchased cedar bedding (like you'd use for a hamster cage) to sprinkle on the top of my soil. (When cedar breaks down it creates a high nitrogen content though so I will keep refreshing them.) Will also implement Viagro's techniques, thank you! Great thread.

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    I wondered about that, too. I thought about buying some Cedarcide, to keep the fleas off my cat, and the mites off my plants.

    IXOYE Active Member

    I just read on another thread about something called SNS217 which is made from rosemary oil - so I'll take the rosemary in my kitchen cabinets and sprinkle that in with the cedar.

    Do you plant the cilantro and corriander in the same pot as your mj?

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    IXOYE Active Member

    also i got some dr. bronner's peppermint oil soap I am considering putting in with waterings - any idea how much per gallon?

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    That's my plan. I have chives for that, as well. (Cilantro is Coriander.) I might just put a small separate pot on the side.

    My rosemary plants get swarmed by spider mites in late summer, so it's hard for me to feature it helping.

    I put a few drops of Dr. Bronner's lavender in my water. I don't have any peppermint right now, so I dissolve peppermint candy in water, and use that.

    IXOYE Active Member

    Very clever advice! Am I just naive to assume spider mites won't strike in the winter time? Regardless, as with anything, prevention is better than cure. I want to be prepared for spring for sure. I will get to my garden center asap and see what of these herbs they have and stick them in with my plants. Also thanks for the peppermint candy tip - there's lots of that around this time of year :mrgreen:

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    Viagro Well-Known Member

    Prevention is key, that's why I like scents to ward off the impending invasion.

    Depends on how cold it is where you live, I'd imagine. I saw a mite running across the top of my entryway cabinet, underneath a hanging basket, just the other day.

    I hope I've given good advice. Anyway, it's my pleasure.

    Just make sure you get candy with real oil in it. Or, just use your Dr. Bronner's...that's what I'd do. I'd add it to seaweed for foliar feeding.


    golddog Well-Known Member

    Preventive measures

    #1 I use the Hot-Shot No Pest Strip in my grow box BEFORE I put my plants in to ensure I don't have any critters in my Box.

    #2 If I get clones from someone else, I put them in with a Strip for about a week, to make sure BUGS are not being brought in.

    #3 High temperature and low moisture is what the Spider Mites want. Keep it below 85F and keep the humidity up.

    #4 Check your plants often, look under the leaves. If they get out of hand the will get on all of your plants.

    Good Luck :blsmoke:

    P.S. Regarding outdoor grows, you depend mostly on nature.
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    IXOYE Active Member

    So I am getting ready to build a cabinet and was considering using cedar for the walls, but after doing some light researching of spider-mites on google I decided to go with a cheaper wood because it seems spider mites like cedar. Seems that they like just about anything so i'll be using a cheap plywood but spider-mites do not like garlic (and chives/cilantro as viagro suggests). This is from ehow:

    As spider mites do not like garlic, planting garlic alongside other plants will produce an environment that will discourage spider mites from becoming active.

    Plants stressed by drought can produce chemical changes that make them more enticing to spider mites. Keep plants moist with a vinegar-garlic solution to discourage spider mites from consuming plant leaves.

    Spider mites often become problems in yards and gardens because of the use of chemical pesticides that destroy their natural predators. These pesticides also harm the environment. Using a natural, garlic-based insecticide will treat spider mites as well as help preserve the environment.

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. But, NOW you tell me...I just bought some Cedarcide, which is supposed to be effective aginst just about everything, including mites.

    btw: Annie Oakley was a hell of a gal. Her shooting skills were incredible.

    (But, you knew that...:mrgreen:)​
    Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance Member

    Zero Tolerance DOES kill Spider Mite eggs! However while ALL ingredients are Food Grade Quality, the product makes no claim to be organic. It is however, very pet & kid safe & you can use just a day prior to harvesting. Email me for more information.

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    If the only active ingredients are essential oils, how could it not be organic? If the source of the oils weren't grown organically, or what?

    Do you represent Zero Tolerance in a paid capacity?

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