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How to Press Hash into Block?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by rollitup, May 17, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I rather to keep my hash in powder, especially if I do not have a lot. However there are those times when you have a decent amount and you want it to be in a nice compact block.

    This method requires the following tools:
    • Iron with steam function
    • Wax paper
    • Minimum of one gram of kief powder or crystal
    My method for pressing was found in a bubble induced dream, and I quickly got to work testing my method. It is by no means perfected, and I keep tweaking it to find just the right combination of heat/pressure to get my hash to the desired level of compactness.

    I should also say that a couple of others used used this method & were pleased with the final result.


    A bit of fresh bubble powder ground up to make an even consistency To start, I start off with the pile of kief, which I try to break up quite fine. This pic shows some chunks still in it, however the more consistent and fine the powder, the better the final product will be.


    This powder is then evenly distributed and wrapped securely in many layers of wax paper (enough layers so that the inside layers of wax do not melt), but it is quite normal for the outer two layers to melt together.


    After evenly pressing for approximately 45 seconds, on and off - not consistent pressure fold it up into a little package and then prepare my iron (set to steam mode). I then apply slight and equal pressure to the package, 2 seconds on, two seconds off, for about 45 seconds. Both sides receive the equivalent amount of pressing.

    Since the iron is set to steam it nicely wets up the package also, which helps to not burn the wax paper.


    Following this step I place the package in the freezer overnight. In the morning I dash to the freezer to check on my new hash.

    Now that im done this time to go roll a joint :joint:

    btamboli Active Member

    good stuff! have you ever tried the oven method? wrap in celophane and cello tape, wrap in newspaper and soak thoroughly. then bake at 350 F or 230 C for about 10 minutes. then use a rolling pin to press it out, repeat as desired. the hash i got out of it was beautiful so give a try!

    leggoeggo Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the great info! just the other day I got a simple DIY cold-water extraction method... I can't wait to harvest (though I'm in seedling phases now )

    Stonedz Well-Known Member

    Beautiful rollitup, very easy to understand, even for my dumb ass lol :eyesmoke:

    #1Pot Head

    #1Pot Head Active Member

    Hopefully it works I Just finished and I can't wait

    blizzt Member

    I have found that regardless of the amount (very small to about 5 grams) that using cling wrap I can make a compressed ball of hash very quickly. Ill try to get pics of this.

    I use a radiator heater, a hot plate would work just as well, for my heat source.

    Put a flat (thick) glass plate right on the heater with the heater on high.

    Put a small ceramic plate on top of that. Kind of liek a double boiler process so we dont prematurly smoke our hash.

    Put the kief right on the ceramic plate. I make blender hash so mine is damp at this point but you could use dry kief as well you would just take it off sooner.

    Spread the kief to as thin a layer as you can get, without putting pressure. We are just trying to dry and then once dry the kief starts to develop a consistency where it appears to somewhat stick togther like slightly damp sand.

    Every few minutes while the kief is drying (if wet) scrape up the kief to prevent it from sticking to much. As it drys you will notice this starts to take a little effort because the kief is becoming sticky.

    Knowing when to take it off is a bit of a trick. I ususally dont push it tomuch, once it looks like it is heated and will stick together I take it off while prepared to move into the next step very quickly.

    I have a large square of cling wrap that I have folded over at least twice so that it has some strength. I quickly put in hot kief right in the middle.

    Now conatin the kief in the center like a little baloon, then twist the top so that the kief is pressed in the cling wrap pouch.

    You will need to release and reposition the very crude ball, I usally turn it over so the pointy end is down and then twist some more. I repeat this until I have a nice ball.

    Once you have a nice ball get a fresh square of cling wrap and start again. Keep twisting to that pressure is applied to the ball.

    Once the kief is moved to the cling wrap I usually am smoking with a half hour.

    This precess is especially nice cause you get a kewl ball o shish!

    Ill try to clean this up and update with pics on my next batch.

    demoreal Member

    i just roll mine between my fingers and put it in cellophane and in my shoe.

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    This has been my method for years, works like a dream!

    acidbox420 Active Member

    Hey no whoreing out your products man
    JoNny Pot sMokeR

    JoNny Pot sMokeR Active Member

    deff sounds like a great method. I wrap mine really tight in wax paper then roll it up in a few layers of news paper. then i dunk it real quick in some water and i either put it in the oven or in a pan on the stove and roll it around for about 15 or 20 min then i take it and throw it in the freezer for about an hour works perfect for me. Wish i had pix. Maybe next time. + Rep on the Method tho. i will try it out.

    Rychen Member

    I totally want a video on this just to see how thick the spread of paper is as well as your kief. : )
  12. You are the man! the cellophane worked great. Heated keif on glass plate at 200 for 10 minutes. put in cellophane, twisted, pushed, twisted; threw the cellophane ball into a sock. Shut the open end of sock in door and twisted very tight. After cooling, the result was a 3oz ball of Sour Diesel concentrate!!!

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