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How to pass hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ddot773, Feb 25, 2009.


    itzCESAR* Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say I'm wishing you luck :)

    ddot773 Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone... i'll def try the shampoo.. it couldnt hurt. well i will know if i passed in a month

    DaveTheNewbie Well-Known Member

    wax your entire body
    tell them your a competition swimmer and need the aerodynamics
    it also makes you sound interesting and worth emplying.

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    really i have paid the money for the shampoo and failed horably shave litteraly all the hair but your eye browes and says its apersonal preference and u will gladly pee in a cupor if you have a friend that looks alot like you send him in to take the test

    BadDog40 Well-Known Member

    Start wearing a wig.

    ddot773 Well-Known Member

    lol @ wearing a wig... How about a perm? would a perm do it?
    Patiwan Grl

    Patiwan Grl Active Member

    The important question is how MUCH you used. Occasional users have a shot at passing hair screens. Daily/Heavy users, not likely to happen unless you are one of the few that test false negative. The scientist in me needs to point out that correlation does not equal causation. Just because someone dyed their hair does not mean that is why they passed the test. They passed the test for one of two reasons: 1. The tested metabolite did not meet the laboratory standard for positive 2. They enjoyed the luxury of a false negative due to test failure. I have performed innumerable urine, serum, and hair screens over the years and I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no current method for circumventing the hair test. You can get around urine and serum tests when weak testing methodology is in place, but hair strand testing is the "gold standard" for a reason. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Some labs use higher parameters than others depending on testing method employed so you could slip by in this scenario if you are an occasional user or if the employer cheaped out on testing. If the positive will not hurt your chances for future employment with other companies then you have nothing to lose by testing. If you really want to work for this company, why not pay for a test at your docs office first? At least you have the option of staying clean and getting employed there at a later date if you happen to fail.

    Just my .02
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    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    right on ms sophisticated

    malbulja Well-Known Member

    I can only speak from experience and I can tell you that I passed every hair folicle test I have taken, and I used the shampoo for all of them. 2 of my co-workers passed the last one along with me, and they also used the shampoo.

    Although it's possible that the lab technician was completely incompetent (Lab-Corps) and mis-tested all of the samples, it's more likely that the shampoo masking agent worked as advertised.

    It's awfully arrogant to make a statement like "with absolute certainty" that there is no way to beat the test when there are entire business models devoted to beating the test and guarenting customers that their product will beat the test; many of the customers have beaten the test, several times.

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    well idk when you took your test but a good test facility now washes the sample hair they have to make sure that they get rid of the shamppo if u used any

    AK47StEvY Well-Known Member

    Hair tests are almost impossible unless you shave everyhair offyour body. Um if you have to piss; if your healthy and shit than it only stays in your body for a month at most.
    Get a hair cut after a month when you smoked and you should be clear. Good luck, try taking shit that will increase your motabolism and immune system. Good luck man
    Patiwan Grl

    Patiwan Grl Active Member

    Yet the "arrogance"of that statement in no way negates its truthfulness. Funny how that works. There are thousands of successful "snake-oil" businesses in this country based on nothing more than weak correlations, pseudo-science, and outright lies. The success of a lot of these companies is based on individuals like you and your buddies who first assume you will fail without it and when you pass- "Well, praise jeebus! It worked!

    You and your buddies passed that test for one of two reasons and using a "drug test beating shampoo" wasn't one of them. Not trying to be an asshole here but the science does not back up the claim. He wouldn't be the first person to get laughed at because they thought $100 and some unsubstantiated claims were gonna hide his activities.
    No sense sending the boy to the chopping block ill-prepared. It's always better to find out yourself, on your own dime, before risking employment opportunities or worse -your freedom- on internet claims. It's just experienced advice. You don't have to use it.

    malbulja Well-Known Member

    Look, I don't really care what your opinion is but please don't pass off it off like it's a scientific fact, because its not. These test can and are beaten. I was just stating my personal experience and I have personally passed several hair follicle drug tests and I know several other people who have as well who are regular cannabis smokers. As I said before, it's possible that every one of these tests was conducted incompetently but the odds of this being the case are rarer than the fact that we all used, and some rotating contractors I know still use, the shampoo.

    Hate on the shampoo if you want to, it worked for me, more than once.

    7th1der Well-Known Member

    L'eeeeeeeeeeets get ready to rumbllllllllllllllllllllllllllle!!


    ajarrod Well-Known Member

    well my thing is if the shampoo works how would know patiwan grl as far as you know the person test came back postive.. I mean the test is made to fool you am I correct..So if the product works than you probably been fooled a few times..IMO

    DookeyNugs408 Well-Known Member

    shave ur eyebrows and head and you'll be good just say u have lice and u had to get ride off the investation lol

    MonkeyC Member


    I am literally about to have a coronary. Although the meds I take are prescribed and I have never once abused street drugs or even marijuana (no offense, I just get paranoid and hungry and I am already pushing "fat", lol), I simply cannot allow ANYONE I work with to know I take them, and rest assured, this will get back to absolutely everyone of those jerks. I'd rather die than allow those pieces of (*&^% know I've got both an implanted Morphine pump and take Oxycontin 2-3 times a month. Honestly, I would rather die.

    I SIMPLY HAVE TO PASS this hair follicle test. I have 2 friends who used the shampoos, both passed, BUT they only use "things" 2-3 times a week.......

    I have purchased 10 hair follicle kits so that I send in the 1st for a baseline and try as many other possible remedies; the shampoos, and possibly frying the living *&%^&[email protected]# out of my hair with a bad home perm.........and I'll subsequently know if any of the shampoos work..........but in the interim, please, please tell me the shampoo worked for you. (please......lol)?

    gobbly Well-Known Member

    When I failed a test I got a call from the doctor. He basically said I had tested positive, and that if I was taking any medication which would cause it he could get my doctors name, give them a call, and turn the positive into a negative. Check the form you signed, chances are it would still be illegal for a doctor to violate your privacy by discussing medication you are prescribed with your employer.

    MonkeyC Member

    thank you for replying, and you are absolutely right about that........I know this because I am in the medical field. However, and without going into detail, it does not matter. Believe me, I thought about that, but unfortunately, in this "situation" it WILL be passed onto them regardless of whether or not there is a prescription.

    I'm so freaked I haven't slept in weeks. What kills me is there are so many.and I mean literally hundreds of the shampoos for sale, but what I do not understand is why I cant find but one or two people who have used the shampoo (s) available.......and Ive been looking online for weeks now. Maybe once people pass with the shampoo they're no longer freaking out and looking to blog..............wishful thinking? lol..........

    Again, thanks..........keep the suggestion coming! I have GOT to pass this..and I am not really looking at a particular time limit, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    monkey saw, monkey did..........monkey screwed

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