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How to pass a home drug test (from CVS or Rite Aid)?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by willworkforweed, Apr 1, 2010.


    willworkforweed Active Member

    My dad bought a home drug test. It's a piss test, it can't test for saliva or hair.

    I tested positive for weed, but got out of trouble because I got him to believe that I was with a kid who was smoking a joint.

    But I'm getting tested again. How can I pass it? I'm 15, so I can't order any chemicals online or go to a headshop to get anything made to dilute it.

    Can I just put some tap water in my piss? What about vinegar?

    SuttonStoner Member

    get one of your buddys who dosnt smoke weed to pee in an air tight jar (to stop spillages) then when you go to do the test use your buddys pee instead of yours, and there you go, clean pee.

    drumbum3218 Well-Known Member

    The best way is to stop smoking from as early as possible until after the test. But with this method you can pass a basic home drug screen.

    Get a gallon(or equivalent) jug of spring water or w/e from the store, also get a packet of gelatin (will be by the sugar, normally used for making jam/jelly). Dump the entire gelatin (not jello, but gelatin) packet in the gallon of water and start drinking!! Also, I would reccomend Vitamin B, any Vitamin B will turn your pee yellow, since the gallon of water/gel will make it crystal clear. Also, before I drank the gallon of water, I would buy a thing of cranberry juice and drink that (to sort of pre-cleanse your system). But the jug of water/gel should do the trick.

    THC is metabolised and stays in your fat. The gelatin in the water will go through your body so fast that it won't absorb any thc, because of the sheer volume of water and how fast you drink it. Just make sure you drink it within 6 hours of the test. And Vitamin B really helps make ur pee look normal, and less like just water. Good luck

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    do what the guy above says plus add some milk thisle extract, about 20gms micronized creatine, drink so fucking much you cant take anymore in prior to the test. this is bad advice to be giving you. stop smoking and go to colledge fuck it.

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