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How to pass a hair follicle test?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Masterofgenetics, Jan 8, 2010.


    Masterofgenetics New Member

    Hey guys I got a pretty cool job that I enjoy alot, started on 11-29 well after two months you get drug tested ( 1 -29 ) for the company's insurance. I smoke everyday, I smoke on every break, I smoke before work and after. I smoke only uber high quality nugs and hash. I also grow and I know at sometimes I touch a bud then touch my hair, my shit is very sticky, I guess you got the picture.

    I never had a hair test before, kinda clueless about what to do, my idea so far is to cut my hair pretty short then bleach the fuck out of it, then dye it back. then quit for two weeks followed by spectrum labs hair detox..


    Rep for answers :bigjoint:


    riddleme Well-Known Member

    there was a thread about this last week the concensus was it's not possible to beat as they will take body hair if they think you did something to your head hair, under arm or even pubes, I don't have the link but a hair test search should pull it it was in the title
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    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Shave it all off and tell them you are aspiring to be on the Olympic swim team.
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    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    Ha nice one...:lol:......totally hairless.... they will think he's a freak hehehe
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    VidiotRayM Active Member

    You have to have 1" of hair to take the test or they will pull it from somewhere else where you will fail..........I went through that when I went to the oil rigs.....bad news bro......I quit smoking dope for 3 months, cut my hair down to 1/2" twice and let it grow out the final month. 1" is considered to be 3 months growth for the test so they are only testing the last 90 days.....my hair grows 1/2" a month so I could have got away with just over two months. From my studies I found that it's in your blood for 5 days from your last smoke and therefore going into your hair folicles for that time........so you need an inch of hair growth time and 5 more days to be clean.... 9 guys started the same class I did and 5 were bounced for failing the tests......they had used the shampoos and other ways to hide it, but got caught....the bleaching might help but the fact is they're looking at picograms.....so the test is in the range of 1000(actually, I think 10,000 but you see my point) times more sensitive....
    The folicle is not the hair....it's the shaft that the hair grows out of....so whatever you use massage that scalp and work that shit in there.......good luck bro...but I'm guessing you're screwed......they told you two months ahead of time so you had time to pass the test.......priorities my friend... Just for info purposes.....they will remove a chunk of hair and folicles about the size of a pencil from the back of your head, typically lower down your neck so focus your efforts there. They want 50-70 hairs so they get several folicles along with it......it's taken to the lab, dissolved in solvent and tested..........go look up the testing limits as I forget what the picogram per what is exactly.......I want to say picogram is 1/100,000th of a gram but I' won't swear to it. I can tell you for certain that urine testing has three levels 20, 50 and 100 nangrams per millilitre.......with 50 being the most used......I think the 100s are for outfits that know guys burn on occasion so they can't hire enough people that can pass the 50 test. The 20 test is for DOT regs.....I had to pass that to get my CDL...Ok I looked it up it's 1 picogram/mg for the test and .1pg/mg for the confirmation.......so if you flunk the test and the confirmation needs 10 x less....well,,,,,let's just hope you pass.
    They do say it's less accurate for mj than other drugs, but I think that's old info. It is designed to catch the occasional user of drugs that are quickly out of the blood and urine........everything but MJ is out of your urine in 15 days or less....I took me 66 days to be able to pass a UA at the 50 ng/ml rate and another two weeks to pass the 20........ I always used urine luck quick fix for testing when I was in construction with no problems....put on the rig, they would walk up, hand you a cup and say fill it......on the spot....so no way to swap samples.....I worked either 7 on/7 off or 14 on/14 off so you could burn one on your first day off and pass the test when you went back on hitch........better than nothing.....
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    Masterofgenetics New Member

    So this is what I found on wiki-answers

    These companies are trying to tell you that Bleaching will not work - Read this scientific artical fom Spain and decidefor yourself!
    An important issue of concern for drug analysis in hair is the change in the drug concentration induced by the cosmetic treatment of hair. The products used for this treatment are strong bases and they are expected to cause hair damage. As a result drugs may be lost from the hair matrix or, under conditions of environmental contamination, be more easily incorporated into the hair matrix. We investigated the effects of cosmetic treatment in vivo by analysing hair samples selected from people who had treated their hair by bleaching or dyeing before sample collection. All of the subjects admitted a similar drug consumption during the time period for which the strands were analysed. Samples were viewed under a microscope to establish the degree of hair damage. Treated and untreated portions from each lock of hair were then selected, separated and analysed by standard detection procedures for cocaine, opiates, cannabinoids and nicotine. In all cases the drug content in hair that had undergone cosmetic treatment decreased in comparison to untreated hair. The majority of the mean differences were in the range of 40%-60% (cocaine, benzoylecgonine, codeine, 6-acetylmorphine and THC-COOH). For morphine the mean difference was higher than 60%, and two cases (THC and nicotine) differed by approx. 30%. These differences depended not only on the type of cosmetic treatment, as bleaching produced higher decreases than dyeing, but also on the degree of hair damage i.e. the more damaged the hair, the larger the differences in the concentration levels of drugs.
    1Instituto Nacional de ToxicologĂ­a, Apartado 863, E-41080 Sevilla, Spain
    2Institut de Medecine LĂ©gale, 11, rue Human, F-67085 Strasbourg, France



    guitarzan420 Well-Known Member

    I used the shampoo and I failed. Good luck.

    I also know they will test fingernails or toenails as well. they appearently grow the same as hair.
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    masterd Well-Known Member

    yeah nails and hair.... ur gunna have to be realy really really really good to pass that shit....

    my friend gets piss tested all the time and passes.... then he lost hes job because they did a bi yearly hair test....more than 1/2 the crew he worked with failed....
    i think the boss knew they were all off their guts but couldnt catch em.... well he got em...

    Masterofgenetics New Member

    These are not the answers I am looking for, lol.. Oh well I am about to harvest fat. I can live off that for a while.. But I like to keep a day time job if you catch my drift... by the way I gave you all rep++++

    CFL+OutdoorGrower Active Member

    May have to get a new job if you can't quit the herb for a month or 2.

    Masterofgenetics New Member

    Thats not it, I have less then three weeks..
    Man I know there is way..

    Did ya'll read the wiki answers post I just posted?


    CFL+OutdoorGrower Active Member

    Yup. My friend 2 weeks ago past his... Using something that stripped the outter layer and cleansed the core of his hair blah blah blah. He stopped smoking for just over a month. Goodluck Peace out

    barrygreen Member

    go to a herb shop that sells legal herbs like a hippy shop and they can sell u this drink which is around 70 bucks and is meant to mask it for a few days, i have never tried it and cant remember anyore details but u gotta do wat u gotta do

    Masterofgenetics New Member

    I passed the test with my method but I quit so I wasted my ef'in time..

    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    Congratz! Sorta.:) what was ur method? Cause to honest, im to baked to decipher that loooong paragraph.

    socialsmoker Active Member

    That's y I say screw a hair test

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