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How to obtain a license to cultivate and/or sell medical marijuana in CA?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by invulse, Apr 3, 2009.


    invulse Active Member

    I actually don't smoke marijuana and never have but seeing that Obama's reforms to Federal intervention for medical marijuana has come to pass, I am considering starting a medical marijuana dispensary or simply growing for some of the local dispensaries.

    Where would you go to find out information about becoming a dispensary in California? I have been researching a bit, but information is somewhat sparse and conflicting. Is it possible to simply get a license to grow a large amount of medical marijuana to sell to dispensaries and if so where would you get this license?

    Any help is appreciated.

    FlyLikeAnEagle Well-Known Member

    I dont drink alcohol and I never have. But since I see the hot babes on Coors commercials I was thinking of starting a brewery, where do I get a license for this?

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    You might start on the internet at a site called google. You can pretty much find anything. You can also try NORML's website

    monstrgonja New Member

    i tried to google but for some reason it vauge

    GanjaAL Active Member


    I am sure you can find these guys and ask them how to open a dispensary... since Obama lied about government raids.


    Scoopdizzle Member

    You start a dispensary by simply starting a Non-profit organization. Read up thoroughly on how to start a non-profit and find out the regulation and compliance of doing so. The first step in any organization or new venture is to prepare a thorough business plan.
    After you get the organization up legally....then make sure you look up all the regulations of marijuana collectives...example. cant be within 1000 ft of schools, ect ect... Then look for buildings or location, get your inventory together.....and you can begin to start your operation.
    Make sure to pay close attention to the actual non profit/business side of things....they will be looking for ANY reason to shut you down...so have your ish together.

    Hope i at least pointed you in the right direction

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    hay man!!!!! why you looking at me like that???!!!! LOL

    Scoopdizzle Member

    Well nobody seemed to properly answer the question... useful information is never late.

    klassifyme Active Member

    this guy says he doesnt even smoke,and wants a license to sell weed , tell me where to get one

    FootClan Well-Known Member

    theres no such thing as legealy selling weed..........you can provide patients with medical cannibas and in turn they can donate money to help cover the cost of cultivation and distribution but you cant just "Sale" it ........lol

    Penisbutt Member

    If you google it, you find some useless piece of shit telling other people to "google it" (That's you)

    BigBudBandit Member

    What commonly happens is dispensaries buy certain amounts and resell them. They buy the weight fromm growers in general some caregivers some illegal...that's where the money is.

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