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How To Make Your Own Strain?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Where am i?, Nov 11, 2007.

    Where am i?

    Where am i? Active Member

    I am just curious how do all of the seed banks and other ppl make their own strain? Plz answer this.

    mrblueberry Well-Known Member

    Get 2 different strains, 1 female, 1 male. Flower them 2gether, and they'll produce seeds

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    One classic question after another on RIU today lmao......:confused:

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    how do mummy and daddy make a baby?

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Usually, they get too drunk and make a mistake.:blsmoke:

    Realistically, take two known strains, grow a male from one, a female from the other. When male flowers, maybe gather the pollen then, when the female flowers, take a small paintbrush and carefully "mate" the saved pollen with the receptive female pistils. If successful, seeds will form having both plants traits.
    It's not as easy as it sound like it would be. I tried it not too long ago . . . made seeds, but they didn't/wouldn't germinate?
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2008

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    LMAO, I was literally going to say word for word exactly that!

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    brit humour m8
  8. hmm.. i still dont QUITE understand, your sayin, plant a male and female seed, let them grow and take the pollen from the male and put it on the female top stem or what? LOL yeah im new at this

    808Bubbler New Member

    basically just have the male pollen rape the female plant. lol nah. theyʻll need a candle lit dinner and walk on the beach before that female pistil opens up....seriously though....all you have to do is make sure the male pollen is toughing the pistils which conform of the stigma and style which lead to the ovary where your seeds are and nature will do the rest.
  10. haha very funny xD
    but thanks man makes more sense

    ImarriedMARY Well-Known Member

    you could also stress a female into herming and have a female and the herm produce and make feminized seeds

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Come on man that is like saying how o you make babys female and a male the male will pollanate the female and give you some seeds to play with.But not all strains are good producers when mixed.I have just done a nice mixed crop a mk ultra female and a pineapple exspess male and shes looking good up till now i will post pictures when she has finished.The name i have not come up with yet but i have plenty more seeds.any suggestions on a name.

    ImarriedMARY Well-Known Member

    ultra pine, ultra express, mmmmk express, pineapple ultra, ultra pineapple

    my strain is headband and i've come up with a few names
    Headfuck is the top choice but i need to see how it hits before i name it completely ya know

    ^^^but those are just a few examples^^^

    Derple Well-Known Member

    hey, i was just wondering if some already made strains react well with other strains, i.e. white widow with swiss cheese???

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Just buy the breeders bible and have fun, I have created my first solid strain and it is a blast, but yes very addictive :)

    Farfenugen Active Member

    Hey, if Homer Simpson can grow tomacco, then it's pretty easy to create that new strain.

    jim984 Member

    Im starting my own seeds as I have a very good cheese phycossis cheese but I. Have just got sum gage green sun maiden I want that drape stomper thc and that uk cheesey taste has any one done any like this just wanna know if it would be worth doing

    Tmac4302 Active Member

    I mean yeah it's a pretty simple concept, but it isn't actually as easy as it sounds in a practical sense. Yes, you take a chosen male pheno and a chosen female pheno and have them do their dirty work. BUT what the hard part is for creating a new strain is selecting the CORRECT phenotype from the seeds that the female plant produced and making it stable. This usually requires some type of back crossing. That's why we have clone only strains because the genetics aren't stable enough to produce the same few phenotypes through reproduction. That is where the ware houses of 1000 plants that the breeders use to get stable results comes in handy. It literally takes 25, 50, 100, ect plants to find the right phenotypes and to make them stable so everyone can produce them and have some what of the same result. That is also why it takes well over 3 years for breeders to come out with a strain.

    MISSPHOEBE Well-Known Member

    ... or maybe thats what they want you to believe.......

    JiggyPop Active Member

    It is really important for Mommy not to smoke during the pregnancy, or you could get a retarded strain.

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