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- How To Make WAX (bho)---by Twitch-

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Twitch, Feb 18, 2013.


    Twitch Well-Known Member

    So I have received a couple of messages and posts, asking for a step by step to exactly how i produce my wax so here it is.

    I have been making BHO for a little more then a year now and I have tried a number of different methods to come up with a final product from whipping to double boilers to the sun. This method, using a vacuum pump, I have found works the best and produces the best tasting wax out there.

    This is what my little setup looks everything set up ready to go.

    Here is what you need
    IMG-20130217-00312.jpg Unbleached coffee filters, 1 foot by 2 inch glass tube
    IMG-20130217-00304.jpg I have heard and read in High Times that if you are in the lower 48 vector in the gas to use and if you are in Canada to use colibri I think is how you spell it
    IMG-20130217-00331(1).jpg Pyrex dish to spray in, some people spray directly onto the parchment paper to cut down on mess and waste, I don't see any thing wrong with doing this but I have heard that the butane breaks something down on the paper if it sits on there directly for an extended period of time, I have nothing to back this up though.
    IMG-20130217-00329.jpg Presto its cheap, I got the big one so I could set my whole vacuum chamber on it, its not very accurate but the ryobi is.
    IMG-20130217-00305.jpg This thing is bad ass shoots out a laser and reads the temp from across the room, it is very accurate. It makes this all possible
    IMG-20130217-00328.jpg Vacuum chamber picked it up off e-bay for 160 shipped
    IMG-20130217-00327.jpg Vacuum pump its a US General 2 stage 3 cfm pump i have ran this thing for over 24 hours straight
    IMG-20130217-00307.jpg Active air 8 inch inline duct fan, you got to have ventilation if your going to blast inside. I do not like blasting outside there are to much stuff flying around in the air and i am in tx its hot.

    So after you have all the gear you need to acquire some bud, or shake, or trim.
    Now when it comes to how much you will pull off of each one it varies depending on the strain. I have pulled any where in between 3 to 6 grams off of an ounce of nugs, on the shake it could be any where from 1 to 4 grams, now the trim could be any where from .25 to 3 grams per ounce. I personally pull in between 1.5 to 2.5 grams per ounce on my trim.
    IMG-20130217-00302.jpg IMG-20130217-00301.jpg 308.15 grams of trim from diesel from seedism seeds
    IMG-20130217-00306.jpg So i preheat the pyrex dish to 110, then i continuously have hot water running under to help the butane evaporate of more quickly.

    Now I dont have a picture for this little part but you need to pack your tube, its hard to pack it to much but make sure that after you pack it and put your filters on that you can still pull air through the packed tube with unrestricted air flow. Filters always use unbleached but its not going to kill you if you don't. Use 2 or more filters depending on the texture of your marijuana, ground up powder or big leaves. Some people will use a hose clamp to secure the filter on to the tube, I prefer the big rubber bands I just cut them off when i am done. Also trim back the coffee filter to the rubber band that you have wrapped around the tube holding the filter on, a little bit of your BHO will be lost because the butane seeps up the filter, so you can reduce this by trimming it back.

    Then I start blasting
    IMG-20130217-00308.jpg IMG-20130217-00309.jpg It takes me one 320 ml can to fill up the tube before anything comes out then I use a whole another can and let it all run out till the color is gone. I will put my finger in the stream of butane towards the end of the blast after both cans are empty to see if there is any more resin coming out, if my finger comes back sticky depending on how sticky ill use a half or a whole other can.
    IMG-20130217-00310.jpg Still very cold IMG-20130217-00314.jpg Almost ready IMG-20130217-00313.jpg Time to scrape
    So after it has been blasted I let the dish sit with the water still flowing under it heating up the BHO, I wait till the BHO reaches 100F. Then I let the BHO rest till it reaches back to room temp so that it is no longer bubbling, you don't want to start scraping it up while its bubbling it will break down some of the terpenes which is the flavor aspect of your marijuana and now BHO.

    IMG-20130217-00318.jpg IMG-20130217-00319.jpg While i scrape i preheat my vacuum chamber to 130F

    Before i put it in and purged any butane i weighted it
    IMG-20130217-00315.jpg IMG-20130217-00316.jpg It actually weighted 18.35 the paper weighted 1.9

    IMG-20130217-00317.jpg IMG-20130217-00320.jpg Your BHO will form this kind of muffin top appearance but when you reach -29 in Hg it implodes on itself, its actually probably my favorite part. You have to watch it if you are in a smaller vacuum chamber because it could expand into the walls of your vacuum chamber and that is a pain in the ass to clean out.
    IMG-20130217-00321.jpg Once the BHO is stable and just bubbling I turn the heat up to 140F and let it purge continuously, but i have a tendency to pull it out and mess with it
    IMG-20130217-00322.jpg At this point I had pulled 1.1 grams of butane out, it is dark because it is folded up on itself a few times.
    IMG-20130217-00326.jpg Finally it is starting to wax up

    And that is it, it weighted 16.53 that means there was about 1.8 grams of butane still trapped before i started purging
    IMG-20130218-00333.jpg IMG-20130218-00335.jpg
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    Twitch Well-Known Member

    damnit that took me way to long for it to fuck up like that

    vacpurge New Member

    I got a vac it pro. 3 cfm pump. 100g of nice shake. and a few cans of colibri/london butane waiting for me!!!! I cant wait to try this.

    only thing I need now is a little hot plate, batteries for my temp gun, and a regulator??? do you have an ebay link to the regulator I need? are those lines 1/4" normally that come on he desiccator? looks exactly like mine, except I paid 109$

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    it purged for 13 hours, there were 2 little edge pieces that hadn't waxed but i say fuck it

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    you can get that presto griddle at wal mart for i think 25 bucks, i got the regulator at auto zone, and yes its 1/4 inch, how many gallons is yours?

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    So I think I read this correctly.. You put your scraped butane off Pyrex straight into 130 degree vacuum heat? You never vacuum with out heat? And you only used 2 temperature settings? 130, and 140??...

    Sounds really simple..

    nice setup! Desiccator , Desiccator, Desiccator.. To buy or build one..

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i heat it up to 100 in the pyrex then scrape, then put in vacuum chamber
    i start purging as soon as it goes in before it has a chance to start warming up
    bought the vacuum chamber off e bay

    vacuum pump - 150
    vacuum chamber - 160
    extraction tube - 30
    griddle - 30
    vent fan - 50
    case of vector - 75
    coffee filters - 4
    rubber bands - 3
    parchment paper - 5
    razor blades - 3
    pyrex dish - 9
    ryobi - 11
    comes out to about 530.00

    vacpurge New Member

    I got a 3 gallon chamber. was fiddling with it tonight. seems like the deepest vacuum I can pull is like 26-27 hg.

    also, whats with the exhaust port? should I be venting this outside? what it coming out of it when I do dry/test runs... moisture?

    pump 109, free shipping.

    desiccator. 115$




    pump specs... she sure struggles at 27" and wont get past that... am I doing something wrong? ran it for like 3 minutes and felt bad for the pump. it got to 25 pretty quick, crawled to 27, then stopped... hopefully my pump isnt too small.



    Twitch Well-Known Member

    mine is a 2 stage vacuum pump yours is a 1, and i put a sock over my exhaust port, and i run the shit out of
    my pump like dog it i think it was close to 36 hours straight one time. also are you in the mountains? geographically
    if you are above sea level by some many thousands of feet you wont be able to get -30hg

    vacpurge New Member

    I am 2200 feet above sea level. 666 meters

    does that mean my oil wont be as purged as someones who is at sea level?

    whats better about a 2 stage? its pretty loud... 36 hours would be kind of annoying and I think it would fry it lol!

    is 27~ HG enough or what?

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i think you might only be able to reach -27hg but it will be the same as me at -30hg

    Oil sealed rotary vane pumps generally come in either 2 or 1 stage design. In most cases a 2 stage pump will go down below 1 micron .001mm mercury vacuum. A single stage pump is generally specified out at less than 15 micron .015mm mercury vacuum. In both cases the pumps exceed 29.9 inches of mercury vacuum. In selecting either 1 or 2 stage designed pumps, consideration needs to be addressed by the user as to what vacuum pressure they want to achieve on their system. If the answer is the best vacuum without knowledge of the specific vacuum value, many times a single stage pump can do the job and for less money than a 2 stage pump. If on the other hand, a specific number like 10-15 micron is desired then the 2 stage pump is generally the pump of choice. 2 stage pumps are more expensive than a 1 stage pump because they have a high vacuum stage what we refer to as an exhaust stage. This 2nd stage serves to help speed the pumps performance curve from about 150 micron or .150mm down to below 1 micron (.001mm). Single stage pumps will take longer to get to 15 micron than a 2 stage pump will because the 2 stage pump has the high vacuum stage which boosts performance on the pump down curve under 150 micron. Some users, like in the neon production market need the 2 stage pumps. Users performing degassing of RTV rubbers probably can get by with a single stage pump. The price difference is not huge so often users decide in favor of the 2 stage pumps just to make sure.
    Above, about 300, micron gas flows are pretty much laminar in action and similar to liquid flow characteristics and can be measured speed wise in basically a straight line method. As an example, a 30L pump takes 5 minutes to get the chamber down then a 60L pump will basically take half the time at least to 300 micron. On going to say 15 micron though a 60L 1 stage pump that takes 2.5 minutes may be outperformed by a 30L 2 stage pump that takes 1.5 minutes for evacuating the same space. The 2 stage pumps strut their stuff when gas flows or pumping speeds start to get into the molecular flow range. Actually the pressure range they cover in this range is really kind of a transition phase from laminar to molecular flow. You physics majors and chemistry people may understand what I am saying.

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    hey ,twitch, my thread is better :p


    i spray onto parchment :p

    hahahaharrrrrrrr, you totallyyyyy wish you were right her right nowwwww.. , cali, 4 neeea

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    are you starting a vac purge process??? whats up man.. where you at, let us help :]

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    You got ripped off. You can buy a brake bleeding kit for $30 that pulls 27 hg. Easily attached to a mason jar lid for purging.

    Also in regards to the OP, Im not really pro blasting inside. Even with fans, you are sending the message to newbs that it's ok to blast indoors. This is hazardous as fuck. A spark from static elctiricity can set a fire off while blasting.

    vacpurge New Member

    I agree about the blasting indoors part. but dont agree that I got "ripped off" lol.

    I might have cheaped out on the pump a little much... but is there really going to be a major difference in the oil at 27-29hg?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Gas laws are usually based around absolute pressures. There is only around 27" Hg and change absolute atmospheric pressure at 2200 feet. http://www.uigi.com/Atmos_pressure.html

    Pumping down to -27" Hg at 2200 feet elevation, will have the same effect as -29" at sea level, as the absolute pressure will be exactly the same.

    vacpurge New Member

    figured so. thank you.

    ps. vacuuming like that remove moisture from the air right... thats what a vacuum is isnt it? so the stuff coming out of the exhaust on the pump, is just steam/moisture or what?? plus maybe a little something from the pump oil.

    biglungs Active Member

    how is buying a vac pump getting ripped off ? i broke a brake kit an hour into using the damn thing.
    in the summer when its 110 outside i can just put my dessicator on the hot concrete and go on with my day

    u will look like this soon
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    doubletake Well-Known Member

    Hahaha that's funny ^^^^ and I just got the little brake bleeder and jar thing going too what's like the minimum you need to pull I can only get mine to 26 and it's a reaaaal bit from 25.5 to 26 will I just ave to pump it up more times? Last time I pumped it up 5 times 20 min each came out a lot tastier then the stuff before that was only like 3 times purged for like 10 min each purge.

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    haha!! i used to feel bad for my pump, now she just amazes me :] let her run.. i believe car technicians use this thing for about an hour to do complete auto vacuum fixes.. even ones this small.. as long as she is cool, ( have a fan blow on her if she feels hot) she stays on.. i bet you she'll stay on longer than it take you to make wax in the right conditions..

    but i rec you dont leave this thing running. save electricity with your gauges/valves... and yuppers, very annoyingly loud..

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