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How To Make Schwag = Chronic

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zerocrombie, Aug 30, 2009.


    zerocrombie Member

    hello ladies and gentletokers.


    In my garden, All my plants started from schwag seed. It was alright schwag, but had a lot of seeds, so I planted around 49. After one week under florescent lights, I killed 47 of them, leaving 2 badass plants.

    I transfered them outside where I used supercropping, topping and LST techniques. The dirt is just normal dirt, but I coated it with high quality Bat Guano! I also used 8-7-6 addative to the water during veg and 15-30-15 bloom during flower. Just a little TLC turned this dirt schwag into beautiful bud most would mistake for chronic.

    Everything is under cammo netting, cuz the helli-biches come around my air space. This makes more shade for the plants, but its a hit im willing to take for privacy.

    This is my first grow and im open to suggestions to my methods, especially tips about what to do a month before harvest.

    here is a youtube vid of the garden. Plz comment and give adivce. thanks

    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    very nice, some of the best ive grown came from "schwag" seeds.

    satch Well-Known Member

    My best Sativa is from Mexican brick

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Scwag is not a strain of weed, it is weed that is seedy,dry, and improperly cured. You still have plenty of opportunity to make it schwag.
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    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Maybe i didnt put it correctly.....Some think because the seeds didnt come from a seedbank and are from commercial weed that the seed will also produce crap weed.

    I popped 15 seeds last month from "bagseed" of commercial weed. Of those 3 ended up being Indicas that are bushy, take topping, LST and everyything else ive thrown at 'em and still seem to prosper.
    Cant say about the finished product yet, im only 2 weeks into flowering; but they stink good and have nice dense buds already.
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    xXAfghanKushXx Active Member

    just because its a "schwag" seed doesnt make it grow"schwag" lol
    its the grower
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    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Yeah, better said than i did.
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    thc percentages always worry me about brick seeds. I grew some for a test grow and they were awesome indicas. But what is the thc percentage?
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    online banks biggest compition is mexicans

    so they spread vicious rumours about the genitics being weak
    and that you have a higher chance with hermi - but i say dont belive the hype
    you dont think these mex brick weed farmers wont the best dna - they want the good shit just like we do hell they sellit to us and they know we know qualty -maybe 20 years ago brick weed seed might have been shity dna but to day in order to compete in the american markets you have to have good shit on the street-the dealers are telling the supplyer and the supplyers are telling the growers the we american (and the rest of the world) want stronger genitics these farmers know this - they know if they dont give it to us we will go and get it from elsewhere (canada, local gorilla farmmers...etc) even where i live they find big out door gorilla farms with pich tents and the whole nine yards- in short i beleave that there are not many bad genitics out there anymore. just baddly grown good genitics- everyone wants to grow the best shit -you think the farmmer in mexico or canada dont think like this (foolish) this is what the big seed banks want you to think how eles can they make one sell - the only down side to bag seed is you dont know the name of the strain-aside from guessing indica or sativa dom.

    The Bagseed Theory

    Compressed, full of seeds, weak smell and harsh smoke... sounds like brickweed out of Mexico I'm sure it started off as some killer stuff until they bail it and compress it and smuggle it and store it in laundry detergent or whatever they do to get it around. brickweed potency is increasing they(the cartels) may have introduced new genetics to increase potency. I'm wondering when it comes to "commercial" pot, what's the most common strain?Usually you're smoking poorly-handled compressed pre-kiefed weed, usually from a high yielder like BC Big Bud or Critical Mass. It would be great smoke if it wasn't so compressed and hadn't had 90% of the trichs knocked off to make hash. with brickweed its not so much the strain that sucks but the methods of drying curing and compressing to get it over the border
    aaaannnnyways. bagseed is very underated, fuck ive gotten a seed or two in some of the best weed ive ever smoked which happened to be some kush.
    Bagseeds are just as good as any other seeds, only problem is you dotn know the strain so you have no idea how long its going to flower, how much its gonna stretch, what kinda nutes its gonna like, etc.

    Brickweed is weed that comes from Mexico or some other place like that.contrary to popular belief, shitty weed but only because it was grown wrong. mexican brickweed can be very dank if grown right. infact, most of the popular strains of today have mexican genetics in them.
    It's dehydrated and stored in kilo bricks for travel, and when the dealer hits you up he just breaks a chunk off and weighs it out. It is usually only 5-10% THC.
    Usually refers to female marijuana plants that have been cultivated outdoors in commercial quantities using basic agricultural techniques. This method of production results in low THC content and the presence of numerous seeds due to pollination by any male plants that are present.
    Often originates from, and uses varieties of marijuana (Indigenous Land Races, or ILRs) indigenous to, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand or South Africa, for reasons relating to location, climate and cultural attitudes to marijuana use and production.
    Popularity and use vary geographically: in countries of origin, this kind of weed, sometimes loose and unpressed, is the staple marijuana product. In the affluent markets of North America and Europe, more powerful, higher quality, locally grown sensimilla (lit. 'seedless') and hashish are favoured. In hashish producing countries (Morocco, Afganistan, Nepal, India) hashish is the staple form of marijuana.
    Well-known varieties of brick weed include:

    Thai Sticks - Thai, often wrapped round a stick and soaked is cannabis oil for added potency)
    Acacpulco Gold - from the Acapulco region of Mexico. Very popular in the US in the 60s and 70s, subject of the cult documentary 'Acapulco Gold' (1973).
    Durban Poison - South African
    Swazi - from Swaziland, South Africa

    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm aware, the reason it's got a lower THC percentage and not as nice as other available strains is to do with ;

    . Not Dryed or Cured Properly

    . Transportation reasons

    . It's not treat delicately enough as we would with our stash, as it's heaved, tossed etc in the smuggling.

    . it's growing more for cash reasons, than thc reasons from the farmer.

    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    Saying all what I said before, does not mean the seed you get in "Schwag" is bad, it's just because it's not growing for high thc, it's growing for quantity by the farmer in Mexico and is not dryed and cured properly etc, etc...
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    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    also so these type of farmers cant look at every trch on every plant so they early harvest a lot of the budz, as you can see with the seeds themselves alot of them are white and or green indicating an early harvest

    ADTR Well-Known Member

    very nice thread, i know i had some questions too...

    zerocrombie Member

    no prob. im not saying im t he master of weed tho, This is my first grow. I want to still know good fertilizers, soils, water addatives, and nutrients.

    also, how are cfl for veg growing. like 4 good 125 watt cfls.

    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    Yea, the farmers are growing for Quantity not for Quality.

    However, the farmer with have a batch for himself, which he will usually keep for himself, but the fields are for cheap importation...

    Americans think they have it bad with schwag, you really are lucky compared to us in the uk..

    We get cheap import hashish, which has got plastic, rubber, boot polish, manure, even lego has been found in this hash which is called "Soap Bar"

    It's very,very common for people who smoke soap bar to find plastic in there contaminated hash...

    It all comes down to educating people on this low quality hash & weed available to us, as people who are not educated can't see the point in spending much more hard earned $$$$$ when they can get cheap stuff which will still get them stoned..

    anoying but that's just life.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    cfl r good for vegging and flowering

    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    Good fertilizers...

    Veg - Bio Bizz Grow

    Flower - Bio Bizz Bloom

    Carbs - Molasses

    Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy

    There's also a huge nute thread on here, make sure to check it out ;)

    kushkilla Well-Known Member

    The way I see it with "shwag" or bagseed is this. Look, there are hundreds of strains out there,even thousands. Where did this marijuana come from? Its not like a guy just started growing some killer ass clones or something. Lots of good genetics and some well known strains have been created from "{shwag}. There is usually good variation in 15 seeds. The conservation and refinement of these genetics is what creates the most desireable smells, colors, taste, effects and grow pattern
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    Before you get your hopes too high:

    Most growers belive that any marijuana seed is a good seed and if grown properly it will produce great plant and considerable yield. Well, it's not that simple my friends, when genetics and lack of cross pollination comes in the way. You don't know how many growers loose months of time and hundreds of dollars to grow seeds they found in a pot bag or they just got from a friend who grew them accidentally. Most of them end up with weak, strange looking marijuana plants with practically no existent yield. Why? The simple answer is those seeds usually come from self inbreeded cannabis gardens that were usually propagated in a vegetative way i.e. by cloning. This means our seed parents are brothers and sisters or even identical clones made from one mother plant. In genetic science this situation is called self pollination or one line inbreeding and when it comes to cannabis spieces it produces weaker, less diverse hybrids because genes do not get mixed up and interchanged with each generation, and that is exactly opposite situation to what happens in mother nature developed and perfected evolutionary process which serves endless life diversity and every spieces strenght.

    zerocrombie Member

    thats some deep shit

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