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how to make poppy seed tea?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by jamesv420ify, Feb 25, 2010.


    jamesv420ify Member

    i cant find it now but yesterday i read that you can make tea out of regular poppy seeds from the store that will get you high.is this true?if so,how???

    bljeep90 Member

    buy poppy seeds, then grow poppy plants, have more seeds. they do something to the seeds they sale so that u cant get high from them. i dont remember what they do

    RSTFRi Member

    Poppy seeds will NOT have any psychoactive effects.
    Don't bother trying, they don't contain any alkaloids.
    Papaver somniferum is legal to grow providing there is no latex cultivation in most areas. But no, bljeep90 is wrong, poppy seeds will not get you high, no matter what.

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member


    Acidify the water with lemon extract simmer for 30 mins with 1 oz or more of the seeds in tea bags. It wont get you an opium or oxy buzz but it will make you very relaxed and its good for a headache. I haven't been able to get completely shit fucked fucked up off it so I'ma try growing them instead. But this is a good way to relax.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens


    One ounce is 28 grams, the maximum possible amount of Morphine from one ounce of seeds is 7.028 milligrams, the minimum is .056 milligrams, and the average is 3.542 milligrams.

    You would more than likely not even feel that. I am going to go ahead and say you are wrong.

    This on the otherhand, can be done with poppy pods.

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    Agree to disagree bro.

    Like to point out I didn't say there were any signifigant psychoactive affects besides relaxation so clearly its not a huge dose like you pointed out but with someone that doesn't have a tolerance the effects are minimal. If you did that little equation again how much possible mg of codeine and morphine can I get out of 3 oz of seeds?

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Minimum: 168µg (.168mg) Morphine, 33.6µg (.0336mg) Codeine.

    There would be zero effects felt.. if anything were it would be purely placebo.

    Maximum: 21084µg (21.084mg) Morphine, 4796.4µg (4.796mg) Codeine.

    This would be maybe equivalent to a morphine 30.

    Average: 10626µg (10.63mg) Morphine, 2415µg (2.42mg) Codeine.

    Which may equal out to a Morphine 15.

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    Nice dude I tried to +rep ya but apparently I allready have so thanks dude I know what I could be expecting with a 3 oz dose. Thats a big diffrence though I could be feeling zero effects or feeling the equivalent of a morphine 30 will put me on my ass I take like 2 vic 7.5's and I'm feeling really really good.

    I'ma be trying it in a week or two so I wanna find out just how potent the McCormack grills poppies really are.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Base your numbers off the maximum, it is better to not have enough than to have too much.

    tebor Well-Known Member


    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    Dude I'd rather not order shit online. Also u can just germinate and grow your own that would be alot easier than ordering shit online. Plus growing is what we do on this site so fuck man.

    Good point dude I don't wanna be expecting minimum and then get my socks knocked off. haha.

    I'm geting them today so I'll let ya know. I'm also gunna try chrushing the seeds and simmering an extra 5 minutes. See if that effects my results at all. I'll post results of a 3oz dose of poppy seeds. Esspecially to show the haters that its atleast worth it.

    I'm mean shit if you say maximum of 30mg equivalent of morphine thats the potential of effects from a $30 pill and I can get it from a $10 bottle of poppies.

    Fuck man even if I don't feel much I'll smoke a joint with it and I'll be mega relaxed.:leaf:

    ANC Well-Known Member


    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    Fucking kid put 3.5 lb's in his batch dude thats retarded. That sounds so strong u could take lil shot glass shots of it.

    Since I heard of all the poppy deaths n shit dude I did start off with tiny doses I didn't start feeling anything at all til I got to about an oz. But I'm trying to find the minimum dose for them to feel like I took 2-3 vics.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    He would of taken up to ~400 milligrams with that amount. If you are not tolerant you should not attempt something of that nature.

    Skunkybud Well-Known Member

    allright so I made the tea with the full 84g's (3oz's) and it turned out to be the magical number. It took about 25 minutes before first effects kicked in relaxation and a warm fuzzy feeling. Then about an hour in it turned into a very strong blanket over me that just slowed me down and made me feel all around good. It was about now that I had my first beer (had no intentions of drinking beer before hand). It turned from warm fuzzy opiate buzz, the equivilant of 4-5 5mg vicodins, into a drunken stupor. Long story short drank 6 beers and was straight up shit faced not able to talk falling everywhere and ended up sleep on the other end of my bed where my feet ussually are on top of all the blankets. Woke up with quite a hangover but nothing a few bowls early this morning and some oatmeal couldn't help.

    Anyway McCormick grills is the shit. I recomend trying 3oz's if u didn't like the results with the lesser doses. Just keep in mind I have little to no tollerance to opiates I haven't taken any in months so if ur a regular or even a semi regular user of opiates then your results will most likely vary.

    Shepj basically that scale you gave me for what to expect with 3ozs it was pretty acurate I was somewhere between the average strong area.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Sweet, I am glad to hear that. It's all about the hard-reduction bro :-)

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