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how to make hash/oil and cannabutter

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Jester88, Dec 16, 2008.


    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    Hows everyone goin? were gonna learn how to make hash, hash oil and cannabutter today how cool is that:fire:

    Anyways this is for all you noobs to the hash area of things...
    Below are some links to some videos on the various hash makin methods there are

    If you watch the vids you should be able to make your own... if not pm me your problem or post it. well be able to figure out a way for you to do it with what youve got to work with i guarantee. these aare the best vids i could find that would help people the most

    Ice Water Extraction....
    this is the most cleanest of all methods and the way which i now favour i used to do the gumby method (well my versions anyway) and got pretty damn good results... got maselves some bags and that was the best choice ive ever made :bigjoint:

    Jorge Cervantes - How to make hash

    part 1 bubbleman making hash at the cannabiscup expo
    part 2 bubbleman making hash at the cannabiscup expo
    part 3 bubbleman making hash at the cannabiscup expo

    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 1 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 2 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 3 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 4 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 5 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 6 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 7 of :cool:
    Bubble Bag Hashish From Shake, Leaf or Bud (Part 8 of :cool:

    The Amazing "Gumby" Hash, Hashish,Bubblehash, Method.
    Bubble hash
    Bubble hash
    "Gumby" Hash Method 2 - EAI Version
    The Gumby Hashish Method: Chillin With Uncle Bobby. Part #1
    The Gumby Hashish Method: Chillin With Uncle Bobby. Part #2

    if you research the gumby method you could change the end an use bordies or something with close to the same amount or less water flow this immitating oneof the bubblebags :smile:

    if your using a small amount get a plastic container crush some of the ice leave some whole.....
    put the weed and ice in the container put in some water and leave a bit of air space so when u shake it it crushes the mash better......
    then shake it for 15 min half an hour or so its up to you.....
    then run through your some fllywire or some mesh to catch the mash and let the liquid fall through into another container....
    then get your bordies or chosen filter material and run it through that a few times maybe ven reshaking and repeating the process...

    then youve made some bubble hash scrape it off the filter put on cardboard then wait.
    also (you could throw another piece of material into it as well thats large enough threades to catch the crappy hash n use the second for good hash) i never did this tho...

    or do what i did get some bubblebags.. herborizer on ebay has some good ones honestly look at them its worth it.

    Hot Water Extraction....
    Russian Hash
    another russian hash video
    russian hash 3

    Cannabis Butter (not hash)
    Part 1 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 2 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 3 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 4 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 5 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 6 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ
    Part 7 Medical Cannabis Butter AZ

    Cannabutter : How To

    Butane Extraction.... (makes oil)
    Making BHO (quick demo)
    how i make my canna oil
    How To Make Hash Oil
    How to make Hash Oil
    Honey Oil. (1)

    i used to make honey oil just fine when i used certain 600 ml soft drink containers as my tube.
    you want to put a whole in the bottom for the butane and piece (they normally come in the lid). Then whatyou wana do is put a small hole in the lid for everything to escape... if you make the hole too big just elastic band an appropriot piece of material around the lid (remembering hash has to come through dont want to trap any of that... what a waste that would be)

    Silkscreen Hash
    guide to make hashish
    How to make hash from trimmings
    How To Make Hash

    You could also make a box that has silkscreen in one side and shake it onto your desk or glass :smile: works sweet :smile: its almost exactly the same as the listed but you shake the box... :smile:

    Grinder Hash
    how to make hash in less than 10 min

    Alcohol Extraction.... (makes oil)
    Vol. 1 of 2 Making Honey Oil With Isopropyl Flames
    Vol. 2 of 2 Making Honey Oil With Isopropyl Flames

    ill just write this one down till i find some really good vids its ez enuff :smile:

    1: pour alcohol, rubbing alcohol or metho in a jar..

    2: put whatever your using to make your hash in it "ie leaf bud stems whatever"

    3: then youl need to leave your mash in it for a week or two and shake it a few times each day .

    4:after the times up catch th crap in mesh whatever you want to use just dont carry any plant matter through dont (dont us a filter that will stop the hash passing through though)

    5: then once youve seperated the plant matter from the liquid put it in a container thats suitable for how you choose to evaporate the liquid evaporate the alcohol/metho till your eft with just a black oil "this is your hash oil let it dry propperly if you want.. but remember everything leaves behind some water which will keep it like in oil form for a while. i was always too impatient its black cos you get chlorophyl and what not carry through dont worry too much.:weed:

    its alcohol dry it out however you reckon to do it

    1: a hair dryer or the sun
    2: put a tray in a tray of warm water
    3: set it on fire for fastest results (this will ruin it tho
    4:microwave it.....seriously people its safe microwaves get used for a fair bit more than that im afraid "just make sure your microwave doesnt spark" iveseen it done many times so dont worry too much and not to put a naked lame or spark near it.


    i recomend letting it dry naturally or something light... like like the hair dryer idea

    also for most ppl itd be best to do outdoors only

    Also people may argue over chopped weed, unchopped weed, dry weed and not dry.
    but the truth is.... its up to you
    i personally favour dry for certain extractions such as the butane and alcohol extractions. as to the ways they get dried generally but with the bubblebags it doesnt really matter but i personally favour dry allways dont know why that is tho....

    Also as far as oils concerned you can dry it to a more hash like consistancy, or add some powdered fine kief or bud to it slowly to make it the exact consistansy hash is if done correctly you can even sell it as hash and people dont mind it

    there you have it people i hope someone finds it helpfull


    babyboi420 Well-Known Member

    let me know if u make it if so hit me up i like to try it for myself mate

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    didnt i say this is only for educational purposes whoops well it is

    it all seems pretty spot on tho in theory wouldnt ya reckon

    whatkinda question is that?
    nobody here actually does anufi illegal that i know of......we all just roleplay here dont we

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    im confused
    i accidently posted this twice
    n uve answered on both

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