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How to make buds bigger?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by NoviceGrower, Jul 6, 2008.


    NoviceGrower Well-Known Member

    Hey, is there any type of item you use to increase overall bud, im flowering starting today so i need some help

    vanslyke Well-Known Member

    buy big bud nutes or some other good flowering nutrient

    darkarms Well-Known Member

    I read in the growfaq some people use blackstrap molasses. "Works as carbohydrates for the plant" or something along those lines

    Go check it out imo. GrowFaq
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008

    stonerboy1 Well-Known Member

    i was wonderin the same thing

    shrubsmokes Well-Known Member

    good flowering nutes and some love.

    Hillbilly420 Well-Known Member

    Nah, don't use molasses... Just a big sticky mess...and will attract every bug around... Use nutes that are high in Phosphorous and low in Nitrogen. Nitrogen is used mainly in the Vegetative stages, so if your plants get too much when flowering, you will have some real leafy harsh buds. Phosphorous is used by the plant to flower and maintain a healthy root system... I also suggest using "Superthrive" Its a mixture of 50 vitamins and hormones. It seems to make a difference...you can git it at your local MegaMart wally world type store. Or order it from the net.

    bbqchip Well-Known Member

    a lot of light

    vanslyke Well-Known Member

    yea depending on space id suggest gettin a 400w hps for flowering

    hydroshop12345 Member


    you need a product called PK 13/14 it will double the size of your buds. Please bear in mind that if the buds get bigger the plant will need to make more resin for them. Pk 13/14 is used in small amounts and 1 litre is under 15 quid. I can get for you I own Andover Hydroponics or andoverhydroponics.co.uk so email me if you want it and I will also give you the details of another product you wil need to increase the resin quantity to fill up those bigger buds.

    It is illegal for me to give advice about cannabis plants so I guess you are asking me about peppers. Kind regards and good luck. Be quick pk needs adding 3 weeks before the plant is ready for harvest. I only order the requirements and I am about to place an order this week.

    newgrowerpete Member

    i just started flowering my plants a week in and no flowers ?????
    auto smoke

    auto smoke Member

    im growing a auto im about 2 weeks in to bud and there all over but very small im using a 300w cfl cant change cos of space so just wonderd how to get thm bigger plz

    mikmike Well-Known Member

    Honestly bigger buds is great but u want dense buds and not light fluffy stuff. I would suggest 250 hps 1-2 plants and then 400 for 3-4 plants IMO. Then all i use for flowering is sensi bloom A+B and then additives are silica blast, aqua shield, Purple Maxx and Gravity flower hardener. and my babies are tight, dense, resin everywhere :)

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